New here (questions about everything)

Hi guys! Glad to be here, my name is Ali and I come form a Muslim background. I know NOTHING about Magick and would love to learn from the community here. I obviously can’t have candles and weird clothing in my house as my parents are Muslim too and if you know you know. Is there any way to do the demon summonings with out objects and clothing like those? What do I have to do to summon the demons? Do I have to sell my soul or go to hell for eternity? How does this work? Where do I start (with learning obviously, I have no knowledge currently).

No. They’ll work with you because it is their job.

Meditate and pick a divination method, you can progress from there. And learn a banishment method. No, you don’t need any specific clothing.

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It all really depends on what you want to do.

I will say the alter, clothing, offerings and other stuff is bull and does nothing in terms of getting a spirit to respond or not. The only thing that really matters is the energy and resonance of your soul/spirit. You need to align it to the spirit you are trying to contact.

Ehms can help you achieve that vibration as well as music. Sigils can too, due to the emotions they induce. Incenses are sometimes used for the smell they produce. The idea is the smell effects your emotional state and thus vibration. Some people also believe crystals do this due to their natural vibrations. Quartz crystals are commonly used in watches to count time due to quartz vibrating at a constant frequency when exposed to electricity. Altars, offerings and the other stuff are used to induce an emotional response that results in a frequency alignment.

Selling your soul is questionable, what you are doing is aligning your soul to a demon’s resonance/frequency. Some would say that is selling your soul, others not as you can always change the frequency.


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Thank you for your reply! By meditation you just mean the typical sit down clear your mind type right? And where can I find these divination and banishment methods? Is there anything I have to ahead from there?

What kind of emotional state am I looking for? Will it result in the spirit or demon appearing? Any other steps?

Yup. Or you can use guided meditations on youtube. or pick a meditation technique. I personally like those from the Quareia magick system.

All over the internet, honestly.

I don’t understand this question.

Once I learn the divination and banishment methods do I have to learn anything else to summon the spirit/demon?

Well, yes, that’s the basis everyone needs.

You can go for evocation, sigil opening, etc. But you can start right now with a petition spell aimed to any spirit, even Allah or Yavéh.

The forum has a massive amount of info and tutorials.

Thanks so much for your help! I will first learn the divination and banishment methods and continue from there. Is there any links for petition spells? I would love to talk with Allah (for obvious reasons lol)


Always use the search function.

You can’t do it this way, but there are other ways. Of course, you need to be able to hear the spirits first, and that’s not something you can achieve in a week, except, of course, those with the Chosen One Syndrome who can rule the world with their amazing power, but for reasons impossible to understand for us simple peasants, prefer to flip burgers and spend their free time in their rooms watching cartoons :wink:

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Let’s hope It’s contagious :joy:

I’ll rather put the effort and improve over time. Trust me in this one.

Yeah makes sense :+1:

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It is the Ehm or music induces the emotional. I recommend find a youtube video of ehms.

The ones here are some of the better ones I have found:

Satania - YouTube

The spirit may appear but what you are doing is connecting to it. In doing so, it really doesn’t need to appear.