New here + "Paimon" in my dreams

Hi! I’m new here. I’m really interested in becoming magician since I’ve read a book about it. I think I’ve already cast a spell and did some curses without knowing when I was younger.

The very last thing I remembered was doing something with a drinking glass whispering words whoever gets to drink in that glass will have a severe sickness that can’t be cured by anything. And yes the person who drink on that glass did get sick for how many days until I accidentally break the glass that I’ve whispered on. Then in a few minutes they got better.

Now I somehow got a dream. I don’t even know what’s the meaning of it. I was alone it’s like a temple or something, I was wearing something like a Persian or Egyptian clothing with some jewelries on my head, neck and wrists. There suddenly appeared a lady, her face have black and white paint, she have long black hair and medium sized horns each side of her head wearing white clothes. I think she was about to attack me. But then came a big shadowy figure with a head of an animal skull with big horns like on a bull or something. He have long claws in his fingers. He pierce the lady with something like a shadowy spear or an arrow. Then the lady disappeared like a dust. When I turn around I called out his name as Paimon. Then I woke up.

He seemed to become human like when I was about to wake up, just have a glimpse of his back.

I didn’t feel scared or something. It feels like I feel safe when I’m around him. And he feels somewhat familiar.

Welcome @sydney

Where are you from?

Is that your only experience with magick?

What areas of magick are you interested in learning?

I’ve done some curses and some spells but cannot remember how I did it since it was when I was younger.
I’ve suddenly stopped doing it since I felt guilty.
Then I restart with something else like rereading books of magic whenever I can.
But was interested in doing some charms and spells that’s for good use.
My grandmother is the only one aware of this kind of stuff about me.

Currently I’m reading summonings of spirits/demons/angels.

And the past few days before I read the summonings I dreamed of this and called Paimon, which then I realized that Paimon is a King of Demons who’s obedient to Lucifer.

And I was like, is he giving me a sign or something?

So, I wanted to make sure then past by this site.
Wishing anyone could give me some ideas or thoughts or something about I dreamed about.