New Here and Question About Duke Sallos

Hello I’m Scott and have been getting into working with the Goetia for about two weeks now.For context, just last week I got the confidence to envoke Duke Sallos. First time felt like it went well, offered him some of my own wine and burnt sandlewood incense. I asked for him to make a specific person fall in love with me. Following day I envoked him again because I’m a little weary with things and dropped blood on his sigil.
A day or two after, all in a rush I began getting messages and replies from the girl I asked Duke Sallos to get the attention of, but also my ex who unblocked me and began to chat again.
It’s been a week after and the girl I asked him to help me with now just leaves me on read. But my ex is the exact opposite, we still talk and pal around.
I’ve heard Duke Sallos tends to show someones true colors when asked to help with a specific person. I don’t know if he’s ushering me to chat up my ex again or just stop at this time.
What do you all think?

Welcome @CapScott

Is this your first experience with magick?

I’d say so. I’ve worked once with the Satanic Bible in the past but if anything the ritual wasn’t a noticable success

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