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So much detail i would like to share, but ill keep this brief and go into detail as this all unfolds. So I’ve been a believer (Christian) since i was a young kid. I’ve ALWAYS felt there is so much more spiritually…like I’ve had spiritual experiances through out my life I can not otherwise account for. Or explain so to speak. Fast forward to two years ago…I’m 37 (two years ago) and decide im gonna try coke&crystal!!! It opens up a whole new meaning of spirituality to me. For the record I’ve been sober now a few months. I don’t believe I need to do that shit or relapse to feel her at all. She actually told me once it blocks her. I can’t escape what I’ve experienced nor forget. She has lead me to this moment right here and now. Before i wrote my letter to Lilith, she came to me months ago and spoke her name to me. I’ve experienced all the things ive read about on this site. My subuccus is, and i dare to say has always, been with me!!! How can i know her so much more and share everything I am with her more intimately? She’s leading here now!!! I so need help with all this as i dont wànna fuck this up with her. Even though she’s (i think she’s) telling me i cant anf it’ll be ok. Like i really don’t trust my own capabilities ya know. Thank you in advance for any help here.

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