New Guy in the block

Hi everyone I’m new here, I have reading a little bit the post about Banishing, Sigils, spells, etc.
Thanks you for sharing the knowledge.
I have been meditating for a few months now and I able to feel the energy in my body and see purple light around me and yellow light surrounding and sometimes getting close and touching me, I’m trying to learn everything about magick, my wife can see auras, I just see the yellow light around people sometimes a little bit of color, but anyways I’m so glad to be here.
I just wonder if somebody else feel the energy and make then move the body most of the time the head and arms and If I can do more with it? Thank you guys, and sorry for my bad English.


Welcome to the forum!

Well, that’s one of the first practices of a magus, to learn how to control energies (even at a basic level) and you’re almost there really, well done!
This practice is called energy work. It’s the way you control energies near you and even manipulate reality with it (The energy doesn’t have to be near you, but let’s start with one step at a time).

Feel free to use the search function to learn more about energy work. You can actually find some very amazing and easy to follow threads about it.


Thank you very much! I will start reading about it.

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