New guy here saw this as a good place to help progress my dive into magic

So I began learning about magic months ago but only last week did I choose to begin practicing it. So I started by learning about chaos magic, black magic, and demonolatry

The reason why I decided to learn magic was I’m bored at want superpowers and to go on adventures using them. And I’m hoping the lovely people at literally named “become a living god” would have a lot of advice for me to gain power.

So on where I am in my abilities I have made the weather what I wanted it to so I’m very confident in the existence and capabilty of magic.

What I know I really wanna learn is whats in the liber null as the double/astral projection. I’m having a tough time doing it through my dreams and I wanna know whats the best method to doing it.

I’d also like to learn how to use senses like clair voyance, clairaudience and such. And pretty much anything else that gives me powers.

Thank you for any help

Welcome to the BALG forum

I’ll tell you right now, that if you are expecting to obtain some kind of comic book abilities, you’ll be wasting your time. Real magick doesn’t work that way.

Thank you for the welcome and I understand yeah I’m not gonna shoot laser beams from my eyes or run at the speed of light, but divination, love spells, summoning spirits, astral projection? Those all sound like superpowers with extra steps to me. Magic is power and thats what I want.

Kinda, but more like precursors. For the rest of us who haven’t developed super powers yet, since that takes decades and may never come, they are good tools to reach current goals without having to wait that long. If you can do these they are steps on the way to ability and can help you develop them. If you have ability without these steps, yes, you’d skip the steps completely. Most people don’t. It’s the old “you have to walk before you can run” chestnut.

“Walk before you can run” yeah hard to deny, but if it takes decades I have decades. But I’ll say this now. Im an arrogant son of a bitch. I know I can atleast walk. Im gonna try to run.

So what, exactly, are you practicing? You haven’t provided much information on your experience.

So most of what I’ve done is working with sigils and evoking a few demons using their enns. Aside from that I try to lucid dream in order to astral project as well as general meditation.

A quick heads up: enns don’t evoke demons. They simply shift the energetic atmosphere. Evocation is not that simple or easy.

enns don’t evoke demons"

Ah well no clue what the hell I’ve been doing then

The chanting of an enn sets up a particular vibration in the environment which invites the demon near, but to actually evoke them to physical appearance takes a lot more energy. Sometimes, chanting an enn can result in a summoning to presence, but not always.

If you are interesting in learning the art of evocation, there are several guides available here on the forum. Just type “evocation guide” into the search function and find the method that most appeals to you. I recommend the one titled “simple English demonic evocation guide.” It’s the most versatile.

Ah well I thank you kindly