New flying ointment thread

Hi guys!

Who uses flying ointment here please?
where do you buy it? how often do you use it?
which plant is the most powerful for making salve(non highly toxic)

i have been bying one on the DrconjuredE. website, but it says not to put on the skin? wtf!
i did put a drop on my third eye and by the second part of the night the dreams was just real life AF!

which area of you body do you put it on, please?

i know there are othere thread already but not really focuses on the effects.

can you compare the effects between , mugwort, belladonna, and mandrake?

Thank you! :kissing_heart:

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I have heard of it what do you use it for?

Are you going for traditional flying ointment, or something to give amazing dream state/trance experiences?

The reason I ask is because all true flying ointments are going to have something highly toxic in it, like the belladonna you mentioned, or henbane, hemlock, foxglove etc. So if someone is billing something as flying ointment I would be skeptical if it is non-toxic. True flying ointments are hallucinogenic when used, in or out of ritual. There are some good recipes out there but I would be VERY scientific about it. The recipes with unwashed poppy seeds are interesting.

The real stuff? Never put it on the skin near any glands or mucus membranes, or on the groin or armpit. You can really harm or even kill your self. When I experimented with salves I would rub them onto the underside of my wrist and forearm. First a small bit on the arm, then a bit more on the wrist once effects are assessed. ONE ARM AT A TIME.

For lucid dream state/trance experiences a 50/50 mix of mugwort (artemisia vulgaris) and dream herb (calea zacatechichi) smoked and drank in tea before sleep or trance can be truly inspiring, and it is absolutely non-toxic. The tea is super bitter, though.It is basically a hypnogogic hallucinogen. When I have used it it makes me a bit cheery but very laid back, and when in trance I have gotten anything from a kind waking dream to flashes of images with strong or weaker symbolism and relevance.

Consequentially, that combo is a great herbal loose incense base recipe for lunar or astral workings.


thanks for the information!

i have mugwort and calea zacatechichi. mugwort works well but calea in not making any effect lately…

for the salve, i’ll be carefull, but i’ll stick with mugwort.
i’ll also try salvia divinorum, i bought it few months ago but never tried it yet!


flying ointment is use for astral projection/astral travel/ lucid dreaming/ out of body experiment :slight_smile:


This is how I make my own flying ointment;

2 tbsp crushed bay leaf

3 star anise pods

1 tsp dittany of crete

1.5 tsp Jasmine

. 5 tsp poppy seeds

. 5 tsp benzoin

1 tsp dragons blood resin

2 tbsp mugwort

1 tbsp wormwood

1 tbsp lavender, dried

5 sprigs fresh lavender

1 tsp mandrake (I used mayapple)

1 tsp Belladonna

1 tsp datura

1 tsp henbane

I crushed all these ingredients maybe two or three at a time, paired according to intent, charging and commanding as I crushed them.

I did the nightshades separately. Crushed them all together. Put them in a metal bowl. Covered them with maybe an ounce of vodka. Set over a double boiler and cooked for maybe 5 mins. Then covered with oil. Cooked the nightshades for another 5 mins in the oil.

Then I added the other herbs and resins, covered with more oil and stirred over the double boiler for maybe 10-15 minutes while stirring.

There are definitely many ways to do this. I’d even say some of these ingredients can be optional, but this is just what I used. If you can read my messy hand writing I included my journal entry which has notes on what each herb or flower was used for.

Happy flying!


Thank you very much :pray::pray::pray:

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That is correct. Do not use American Mandrake/Mayapple. It;s not even in the same botanical family as European Mandrake and has none of the fun effects.


Thanks @Mythopoeia

I make/sell flying ointments. I am a trained herbalist, aromatherapist, among other things. I have a few videos on my YouTube Channel about using flying ointments and Orlee Stewart just premiered a video we did together last night on her channel. They are all linked on my channel:

Feel free to ask any questions. I’m more than happy to answer them =)


have you had any mystical experiences with this?

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Absolutely. I’ve been working with Lilith a lot as well as others. I’m ADHD so it helps get my brain to settle down to focus and experience everything.

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As far as where to buy them and who sells legitimately good ones and knows what they are doing… Sarah Ann Lawless / Bane Folk is amazing, but her processing shipping time is about 2-3 months. I also highly recommend The Jagged Path. They have a wide variety of salves, tinctures, flower essences, and smoking blends too. They ship fast too.


Seconding Banefolk based on second hand accounts. The clerk at my local witch shop reccomended them to me from their experience for entheogenic work since they don’t care anything in house for it.

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