New E.A. Pathworking Video Course Dec.29th

I didn’t see anything in the official announcements section but I imagine that not everyone subscribes to E.A.'s newsletter and maybe some newer members haven’t paid too much attention to it yet. But for anyone that isn’t aware I got an email today from E.A. that on Dec. 29th he has an upcoming video course called Black Magick: The Left Hand Path, seems to be an introduction for those new to the left hand path.

The newletter email had a link to a free video about initiating yourself into black magick and also a link to a one hour preview of an evocation.

The email was initially about how most who try to persuade you to let them initiate you for a fee or for order in some group or coven are usually frauds and you should do it yourself and as always, it lead right into an advertisement, but none the less if interested there is the link.

You have to sign up there to get a 1 hour video preview on Halloween, I have signed up and I’m looking forward to it.

It looks like a great course in Black Magick :slight_smile:

Yeah this looks cool, I was offline the last 48 hours or so getting an AWESOME result on one of my 3 - 4 major long-term projects, I can’t share too much but damn, I feel like I’m walking on air… :smiley:

Anyway I’ll post it into Offical Announcements later, it all looks pretty great! :slight_smile:

I signed up too just now. Am interested to see the content on Halloween and also the clips Eric will be posting each Wednesday.

This is gonna be another hell breaking video course from E. A. Am proud of him.