New Daemon Tarot Deck Coming 6/20/15

A new tarot deck set called “Daemon Tarot” is set to be released on 06/20/2015. Here is the excerpt I copied from the pre-release mini article about it, if anyone is interested. I did not post a direct link to the article because it leads to one of the sites which will be selling the deck, which could be considered as advertising on my end. Not trying to get kicked off of this forum.

“This fiendishly forbidden book and tarot card deck draw upon Le Dictionnaire Infernal (Infernal Dictionary), a legendary tome originally published in 1818 by French occultist Jacques Auguste Simon Collin. Working from centuries of arcane magical texts, Collin described ancient daemons and organized them into hellish hierarchies. Now Ariana Osborne has reinterpreted Collin’s classic text for today’s audience and created a divination system to identify the unique strengths and specialties of 69 of those daemons and explain how to summon their energies. 160 page book included. 69 cards.”

I could’ve sworn Eric mentioned Jacques Auguste in WOD? Not sure about the author’s energy summoning methods, but the cards themselves may be cool to own.

Can you pm me the link to the deck ?

Found another website that is not a store, it has a few picture examples of some of the cards.

This has already been released. I own the deck and I really dislike it. It’s not a tarot deck at all, first of all. And the author has assigned a lot of stupid meanings to each demon. Honestly, don’t waste your money.

Oh, and the quality was shit. I used it no more than three times and it started falling apart.

Well that’s good to know. This site made it sound like this deck was never before released and it was clearly labeled as tarot. Are they just cards with the demons associations or something? If so, the description is highly misleading. I might have purchased the deck just for the artwork alone but now that you gave your review I think I’ll pass. Thanks.

I think it was released as a kickstarter a while back and some of the decks that were released were the “non-production” models so to speak. I steered clear when they called it a Tarot deck with 69 cards, they now refer to it as an oracle deck even though the name is misleading.

If you want a pretty good oracle deck based on the demons check out the Fallen Angel oracle. The artwork leaves much to be desired but I find the cards themselves to be quite accurate although a bit brutally honest for some peoples liking. I’ve had people get mad when they cards tell someone in no uncertain terms their hopes are unrealistic and will lead to sorrow.

im interested in this daemon tarot.anyone know of any tarot based on goetia daemons.