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What’s up new here been studying occult info for a couple years. Mixing right and left paths experimenting with some great results. Initiated into (irregular) freemasonry and other things I might discuss at a later date

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I was initiated too, lost interest and left very quickly, the $115 joining fee lost but I was not doing that.

What does this mean? This statement doesn’t really tell us anything.

Please tell us what, exactly, you practice.

What systems and methods of magick do you have experience in?

lol yea it was an experience I shook the lodge up good and was kinda outcast for my views and opinions. Imho masonic body as a whole is lost and completely infested with racism and male dominance. Me being an African American in a mostly black lodge (I am no longer active) have came across so many ridiculous things between people from other lodges that stop the progression of what the craft was intended to do.

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Egyptian magick
African Bantu kongo magick
I’ve dabbled in the goetia
Kundalini yoga
Currently studying herbs and psychoactive plants