New comer

Just saying hi
Names Angel
here to learn and ask questions

dont have too much experience in magik, done some accidental astro projection, i was scarey and have in interest in spiritual connections

current goal is getting out of a finacial struggle

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Sorry, but we need more than that. Tell us about yourself and your experience in magick. Failure to do a proper introduction may get your account suspended until our rules are respected.

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Welcome to half let me be the first to say lol…i haven’t been in a while so I’m happy anyway what are you interested in and what magic experience so you have

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Lol sorry

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@Angel_MR Thank you for adding more to your introduction.

I am assuming you mean astral projection, not astro projection.

What areas of magick are you most interested in learning, besides financial magick?

idk, i just want to learn what there is but im pretty interested in reiki and other healing magick possibly and wondering if alchemy is apart of magic



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Alchemy is indeed a part of magick.

Healing magick is a nice goal. There are a few on this forum who excel at it.

Have a good look around, and use the search function on the upper right. We have a lot of information here to answer your questions :slight_smile:

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Welcome to this lovely little place we call home. I wish you luck in your mission to learn more!

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Awww you replaced my comment lol it’s all good

I hear alot about reiki but I myself don’t know what it is as for healing magic I haven’t touched base with it myself just yet but plenty are great at it here…and if your that good at Astral projection already you will excel in other kinds of magic
I wish you best of luck and if you fail once dust your self off and try again and always hold your head up high


Where are you from, @Angel_MR?