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Hi all, my name is Roshni and I would like to introduce myself. I live on the East coast and came upon this site looking for information regarding Sallos and Amon. It’s been a treasure trove and full of valuable insight that has eased my entry onto this path. Thank you for creating the community and providing this interaction and information. I look forward to strength and knowledge anew as I journey further. Much gratitude.


Please tell us a bit about your experience.

How long have been practicing magick?

What types of magick are you interested in?

I have been rather lightly experimenting/reading up on thelemic, Golden Dawn type magic, visited a local lodge several times. Also have been reading up on Planetary magick, Rennaisance Magick. This type of personal research and awareness started about 3 years ago, but I grew up practicing yoga, mantra and hindu spiritual rites, with an emphasis on Solar worship. This last breakdown in my relationship drew me to Goetic pathworking because I felt like I was suffering a severe loss of self and power and it has really helped me regain footing. I just finished reading Demons of Magick and plan on utilizing Ritual 1. There is a level of familiarity and deep response within myself to this world of Goetia, that I had previously long been avoiding- so I am going with it and appreciate all the help this forum provides in navigating.

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Thank you for expanding a upon your experience a bit. Welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you! Super looking forward!