New but not really

I’m pretty excited as this place is putting all my deep interests together into something that makes sense. Throughout my life I was always interested in what’s outside the box like contacting entities by using psychedelics (psilocybin, LSD, dimethyltryptamine - DMT), meditation, radionics, law of attraction, etc.
As a born catholic I never conformed to the religious dogma that the society was trying to program me with therefore I never really ventured into working with Demons and Angels as a way to expend my search to enlightenment but this place has made that drastic shift.

It all started about two months ago when I was looking for a new book to expend my horizons per say. By searching for recommended books in some of the Facebook groups that I belong to I found the book called “The Kybalion” and that started the chain of events that brought me here. After listening to the audiobook version of that book I joined a small Magick Facebook group based on the The Kybalion Principles which I find strong resonance with. My introduction to the system of Magick started there. Once again I asked for a book recommendation and was presented with only one book “The Book of Smokeless Fire”. After reading that book I asked the person that recommended that book why he recommended it, his answer was that he doesn’t really know why, he was just compelled to do it. As I don’t believe in coincidences (everything happens for a reason) my research started and hello BALG LOL.

After reading through the forums and books on Angels and Demons I have an attraction to both as I see them as entities neither good or evil as that is just a degree of a perspective (programing) from the operator/observer. Also I have a strong urge to create a Sigil from my name, the 7 Kybalion principles and 4 to 8 Angels and Demons that I will be working with, I find that interesting.

My first vision of a Demon and an Angel happened last night when I was meditating while listening to Gammadrone binaural beats meditation track that was recommended on this forum. I saw a toll dark smoky being (kind of like dark smoke moving with the wind) with long curved white horns. Then consciously I thought about an angel and a being with large white wings clothed in grayish hooded robe appeared and the vision ended. Wonder who those guys were.

Thanks for reading my experience and glad to be here.


Welcome to the BALG forum.

It sounds like you have done some good research already. The BALG site has many posts and links that can help. Welcome to the forum.