New but not new per se

It appears I am required to interject an introduction. I’ve been creeping in these forums for a few months.

I am a practicing occultist/ “pagan” for over 15 years. I have been studying and practicing varying philosophies inside LHP, to include but not limited to Luciferianism, CMT, Demonolatry, Thelema (lightly), and others. I also study aspects of shamanic and druidic magick (almost no difference) to ensure a well-rounded education and knowledge/ experience base on as many paradigms as possible. I also study other forms of religion and am well versed in the religious practices of ancient polytheistic cultures and beliefs.

I live in the south, where my kind are not overly welcomed. I have learned to adapt to the mundane to ensure my ends are met; however, I have been largely solitary due to my locale. No man is an island and people often learn best from others, hence my joining.

Raised Southern Baptist, I began my path as many have through Wicca upon walking away from the church in my late teens. After a few months of study, I realized that the Wiccan ideology was not in line with my wheelhouse and ended up where I am.

If there are questions, feel free to ask.



Welcome to the forum!

Much appreciated.

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Welcome! :+1:

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Welcome to the party, this group is the easiest group to get along with I have ever come across.

All are welcome here, BALG does not discriminate.



Happy you’re heere :blush:


Au contraire, I discriminate loads against trolls, preachers, scammers, spammers, and sundry other internet species that try to attack our noble treehouse of keks and jolliness! :smiley:

But magicians and students, and all who join in good faith and true, are welcome to the party. :wink: