New business, need good luck

I’m going to be starting a business any spells that can bring me luck and success??

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Here’s a list of suggestions, all of which I have used personally or know people who did, or have seen mentioned on here:

  1. Jupiter and Solar talismans, the method is defined in a book by an author called Israel Regardie, title “How to Make & Use Talismans” - if you search around you will find tutorials on the internet as well, and even example copies you can use for a short time

  2. Lakshmi image by the cash till, or the area where you keep your accountacy stuff (laptop, backups, paperwork, etc) and offer her incense daily, or a tealight, if possible

  3. Do NOT place anything related to income above or close to a lavatory that’s in the same building, or even a sink/washbasin

  4. Lookup feng shui using the ba gua method and enhance your home/workplace accordingly, don’t spend a fortune on cheap feng shui “cures” just consider how the energy flows related to the elements for that area, You can learn the trad, method but I personally have had more success with the ba gua methods

  5. Work with Clauneck for long-term protection of your business, he is really committed to this and enjoys long-term work over “give quick bux pls” requests, at least in my experience

  6. Same with Buné - try to build a relationship

  7. get a copy of Jason Miller’s book “Financial Sorcery: Magical Strategies to Create Real and Lasting Wealth” and Frater U.D.'s “Money Magic: Mastering Prosperity in its True Element” (I slightly prefer the latter but the other is rated highly by some people i respect a lot, a nd it does have good information)

These come at this from many different angles, and should give you a foundation, also they don’t conflict nor require you do anything too complicated.


Damon brand has some good shit to help with anything money or business related. @Magic_01

  • Archangels of Magick

  • 72 Angels of Magick

  • Wealth Magick

  • Magickal Riches

  • Words of Power