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Hello, my name is Madalyne. I’ve always felt “different” from others. I’ve been extremely sensitive to others energies. I’ve had dreams that have predicted actual outcomes. And I can “read” people. I’ve definitely always felt like I’m an “old soul” so to speak. I feel like I was born to be working with magic. I come from a family that’s practiced black magick. But I was raised and am still Christian. I believe in God, and that he is the most high. But I also definitely believe there is so much more to life, and spirituality than just good and bad. Black and white. I feel that different spirits or demons have been put here to help us once we’ve reached a certain level of consciousness and knowledge to be able to understand them and have them to reach our full potential here on earth. Anyway, I’ve read the Keys of Solomon and have dipped my toes into the meditation and spiritual journey of being able to understand these rituals and obtain knowledge on how to successfully evoke a spirit and to ask for their help in different things. I suppose I’m a little confused on all the different ways one can evoke a spirit and how to do it safely and properly. I am trying to stick mainly to the Solomonic way, but I really dont believe all of it needs to be followed down to a T? I plan on much more knowledge and learning from others before I even try anything. So please, any tips and book recommendations are welcome! Thank you.

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Hello, and welcome to the forum.

Because you feel pulled to Solomonic magick, you may enjoy Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. The book describes three ritual methods for working with the 72 demons of Goetia, with each demon being evoked by the power of its accompanying Shem angel, as well as by some of the Names of God.

There is value to be found in the old grimoires, but as you seem to have noticed, much of the material is outdated and based in old dogmas. Rather than harassing and threatening the demons, Winterfield outlines how to call forth and command the demons in a relationship of power and respect. These demons will obey because it is their destiny to fulfill your desires, and they work best when treated with the dignity that is becoming of their majesty.

I wish you fortune in all your endeavours, and again, bid you welcome.

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Welcome @Madalyne_Marie to our forum.

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I definitely agree that they should be shown respect and I didn’t like the commanding them and controlling them. I think the books of Solomon are great for understanding the magical aspects, and such. But I am trying to understand how to be confident, respectful, and assertive without being offensive or commanding. Thank you, much appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum; may you find what you seek.

I think it is important here to understand the distinction between tyrannical control and respectful command. In Goetic magick, you speak not as any ordinary being, but as one who has stood before God and performed alchemy with the elements. You demonstrate your power, and the spirits gladly assist you in your endeavours because they are able to recognize your magickal prowess and authority.

You are likely aware that these demons are referred to with such titles as King, Duke, and Earl. Though they carry such lofty titles, you are their Empress. You serve as their leader, and they serve in the creation of your chosen destiny. A more modern analogy that I like to use is that you are the CEO, the angels are your consultants, and the demons your executive suite. You define the vision for your life, and your wise and loyal comrades set to work alongside you to make that vision a reality.

If you want to work this magick with success, you will need to become comfortable with being the leader of these demons. This is part of what the Goetia can teach you - to become an individual worthy of leading others to success. This will entail giving tasks to the demons for them to fulfill. They are not in charge. You are. As such, they will do nothing unless they are instructed, or in other words, commanded to do so. This does not mean that you bark orders like a tyrant, but that you speak your will firmly and with authority where required.

If all of this does not appeal to your sensibilities, then perhaps you may find angelic magick to be more suited to you. Archangels of Magick is a grimoire by another member of Winterfield’s group, and it is of similar quality.