New Beginnings and Universal Circle


Good luck Nik. Drop us a line if ya ever want to chat.

I think you should confer with the spirits on that. I would lean toward burning it and thus getting rid of your blood, unless that is offensive.

Or you could hang on to it if you ever want to use it again.

[quote=“Nik01”]How would I discard this in a respectful way?
would I burn the whole cloth like a Sigil or as it has ancient Aramaic letters on it - does it have to be done in another way?[/quote]

You could do a simple rit of castinr your right hand, or wand, or whatever you feel is most signiciant around it three times, counterclockwise, repeating “All spirits and energies bound to this circle, I cast you out; depart freely, return my powers to me and disperse all others, doing none harm.”

Casting out is simply to ensure nothing remains stuck or heedless, it’s a method I’ve used on consecrated items of every possible type (including images of gods I’ve worked with, or sigils, or tools) and you can adapt the words - the basics are to make it a command, get back anything that belongs to you, and set free all other stuff with the “doing none harm” close.

This is what I use but you should, as Orismen says, also consult spirits and/or maybe do some divination on whether it’s right for you.