New at black magick and the euphoria state

Hi my name is “thanatos” i’ve been working for the last 2 weeks with the “mastering evocation” course by EA and this also has been my very first 2 weeks actually being doing magic.

My background is very extense cause since i was 18 i’ve been reading a lot about the power of the mind and all that stuff, Law of attraction, quantum physics, you name it. Been aplying all the knowledge with some big big changes in my life but i know i needed something to make a real change in my whole life and foremost to be aware of my power.

Long story short i’ve been getting results right away since my first evocation (i had spent the last 4 months reading about the occult) and i’m constantly practicing everyday. My self confidence is increasing very, very fast that is shocking to me.

I’m a firm believer that every magickian is different, the results depends on so many factors, like EA i just need a sigil, candles, and my entire focus and intention onto the goal that i want to manifest in my life, but there is something that i love and its feel the prescence, the energy of the spirits. the connection that can be done, that got me like nothing else before. i’m currently trying the scrying exercises cause ofc i do wanna manifest a clear communication with spirits.

Have some questions:

  • When i enter into this rapture/theta gama sync state i feel a rush in my body, an euphoric feeling almost compared to an orgasm it is when i feel the prescence of the spirit in the room that i instantly fall into this euphoric state like if i was going to melt or blackout.

.Do i need to stay in this state all along the evocation as long as i can?
its exactly the moment that i start to give my command to the spirit and then like 2 minutes after i stop feeling this euphoria and stop the ritual having clearified my intentions and tell the spirit to depart.

. How long it should be? i think 10 minutes is the max time that i’ve spent on a evocation.

As i said i’ve been getting awesome results from this kind of “rituals” so i wanted to know more about people that has experienced the same. Thanks for read. (sorry bout my english)


I’ll give this a bump since you got no replies yet.

It’s a brainwave state that allows easier communication. Since the point of evoking is to get into communication, you want to be in whatever state lets you do that and keep up a conversation, right? If you can do that not in TGS, then it doesn’t matter, if you can’t it does.
Following the process can help you get consistent results, so until you find out what works for you, I’d say yes, stay in TGS for as long as you can. It should get easier with time and practice.

Until the entity shows up, you’ve had your conversation and you don’t want to talk any more. Then you say kthxbye and close out the ritual. You can talk for 10 minutes or hours, but the longer you go the more tiring it’s likely to be, so maybe go easy on yourself at first and lengthen the time with practice.

This question is kinda like asking, how long should I stay on the phone with my friend? Depends what you want to talk about really.

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I wouldn’t put a time on things like that… One being, time doesn’t exist on the other realms…two being, do as long or as short and just do as long or short as feels good and right for you… Or just do as long as it takes. …I don’t think it matters…Follow your intuition, your first thoughts, feelings, gut instinct, ideas etc… Or you can also just invite your spirit guides to help guide you…and that energy experience…I feel it very similar just when I I listen to certain music that empowers me, focus my thoughts, visualise, intention, behaviour, attention… It builds up from the base if my spine and up and fills my whole body…like, powering yourself up", if that makes sense, can get overwhelming…feels great though…don’t time limit it or something…we are limitless beings…

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I usually feel the energy quite strongly when the spirit arrives and I make my request as well. If you really focus on the energy you can learn to make it even stronger and more intense and last longer. It’s kind of difficult to receive messages while doing this because the energy is so rapturous and overwhelming (in a good way).

After feeling the energy I will remain open to communication. If I am doing an evocation and have questions for the spirit I will ask them at this point. Regardless of what kind of summoning it is I’ll remain open and see if the spirit provides me with any words or images within my mind.

My rituals range anywhere from 10-15 minutes to over an hour depending on how involved they are. This just depends on what kind of ritual it is.

Sounds like you’ve been getting results and having a good time with your practice. Keep it up!