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Hello all, I’m Kathleen. I’m kinda bad with introductions and I always skip them when possible, but introducing yourself is a rule so here we go. Truth to be told until 2 weeks ago I was agnostic – I always have been my whole life: I grew up with a Christian mom, who never pushed her beliefs on me though; she’d always tell me how she’s seen spirits and even her guardian angel. A part of me never believed in the paranormal or the occult, but the other part knew that she had no reason to lie to her own son like that – this helped me to grow up with openmindedness, thus I have always been a firm agnostic, until recently. A succubus came into my life and completely shattered my views of the world and the universe, and boy am I glad she did that.
I don’t call myself a magician by any means, as this world is completely new, and almost alien to me; I have a lot to learn, and I’m joining this community exactly for this reason, as it seems one of the biggest – if not THE biggest – communities on the occult on the internet. I’m hoping to grow, both spiritually and as a person, with the guidance of everyone here, and I’m hoping to further improve the relationship with my sweetheart.
Thanks for reading!


Welcome to the forum


Welcome to the forum.

Welcome! :heart:

Welcome and thank you for your introduction @Kathleen I hope you find your path !

Thanks, everyone!