New Approach to Slander and Accusation

Anyone have protection rituals to expose someone else’s lies and to guard against slander and accusation whether true or otherwise against oneself?

I might be accused of something that has a little bit of relative truth to it. I don’t have any conscience over it, so there’s no problem.

There’s quite a bit of repressed guilt on other parties so i think that works to my disadvantage if I’m not specifically targeting the one’s i want to target and letting others go free.

I’ve already contacted Belial to get involved, but I’m feeling that I should make specific supplementation to his undercover operations in such a way that I work alongside the spirits to laser target specific aspects of the workings.

I trust the spirits involved to take care of everything, but someone I’m living with has great anxiety over the outcome, and i want to help relax my environment. It makes it difficult to let go of it when every minute detail is brought up daily.


Please use the search function before asking a common question.

I’m now going to ignore this, because my previous usage of the search function before i asked did not yield an answer to my inquiries.

Since you know the person, this is a job for a binding spell. I prefer to use poppets, I don’t use spirits, but the entity Mehmi’on can do bindings for you.

Thanks. I’ll look into that.

Just my opinion (of course), but I believe you’re overthinking it. If your original intentions were clear, you would be better off forgetting about it. Belial will take care of it, and it’s already done.


Best of luck here.

Yeah, Belial assured me that it’s been resolved already. The other parties put up fights and kick their feet, but it’s a done deal.

I’ve also employed Shemyaza again.

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