New and willing to learn more!

So i’m a beginner in here. It’s my first time working with angels/demons but I learnt in the past other types of magick. I have been reading this forum since like 3 weeks and also I’ve been investigating and I think I know the basics. I am really interested to learn more and I will be very grateful if you help me :). ( My native language is not english so sorry if something is not understandable)



What kind of “other types of magick” have you learned?

Wicca, voodoo and Santeria

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Awesome, nice to meet you. I love those three forms of Magick. Curious of your transition and how you were led here. I feel that you were LOL

Nice to meet you too!
I had never thought about the possibility of having been led here. But now that I think about it, I think it’s very possible because I did not get here out of nowhere. It was really a process.
I got here because some time ago one of my spells failed and I started looking for something more powerful that could help me. I was interested in NAP for a while, it was useful but I felt there was something else and then I discovered Goetia. I read it and after researching I came to this forum. BALG has been very useful and I think working with angels and demons was what I was looking for.

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Welcome to BALG.

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