New and long, winding path to get to this point

I first was introduced to paganism/Wicca about 15+ years ago. Where I lived was an older town and was quite haunted. I had a lot of spirit contact and some interesting experiences dabbling with Wicca and calling up different deities. I was under the protection of Bast, according to a spirit voice I heard one night and this proved true. I was a Christian but the churches disgust me with their narcissism, falseness and other general crap.

Years ago in the initial stages I was told Isis was one of my main deities but I haven’t really worked with Her. Odin came to me in a dream, however and asked me to take my throne next to Him, as though I needed to take back my personal power, which I pretty much do.

Messing around one night with the Hebet en Ba, I called upon Nuit. I didn’t feel as though She answered. Then, that very night as I was doing my visualisations, a black panther leapt upon me in spirit form, I heard a humming sound. I was afraid but tried to suck it up. I think Bast came but in the form of Her sister, Sekhmet.

I dabbled with Vodou, Obeah but these I decided against. I was then drawn in the last few years to spirits of animals, have always been drawn to wolf spirit but added raven and crow to the mix. Which lead me to the Morrigan. The Morrigan challenged me earlier in the year with these words, “Will you take what is your’s? Will you claim what belongs to you?” I hesitated somewhat as I doubt myself and am a wimp in some ways. She then added, “We will see.” She is also We. She and Her sisters, the Morrigu.

So, now I find I want to learn about these “darker” paths. I don’t know if I am cut out for this or if its my thing but I crave the knowledge.

I am not particularly clairaudient or clairvoyant, etc but strangely, when I had a mentor a few years ago, I asked for the name of my guardian angel. I thought I’d try asking the pendulum yes/no questions. A voice whispered to me, “Sariel.” I had never heard of him! I looked up the name and was shocked (yet again, as this has happened before with other spirit beings) that he was indeed an angel, but perhaps an archangel and was fallen but yet, not fallen and perhaps a bit of both, depending on which information you choose to accept. He is more well known in the Jewish tradition than anywhere else, I’m not Jewish though. I still don’t quite know why he is meant to be with me.

I wonder if the Morrigan/Morrigu could have led me to this point, though; the desire to understand the darkness and my own darkness at that. Mind you, I don’t think I’m particularly dark but then again, depends what I let out of the “bag” I suppose.

I was first fascinated with Raven Star’s videos (Serpent’s flame, Serpent’s key, secrets of the gods), then started viewing more and more of EA Koetting’s stuff. This all makes my mind boggle!

So, sorry for the long-winded post/introduction but hey all,

From an Aussie, greetings :slight_smile:


Nice intro, wish they all looked like that :+1:t2:

Boy you get around. I find this path will compliment all thats gone before for you and only enhance whats to come.

Enjoy the journey Kristen.


Thanks Aprentiz, I consider myself a seeker, plus being an Aries (lots of Aries in the old chart), I move around with what interests me.

There’s a lifetime of study here and so many other thing you can branch of to. Have you read any of EA Koettings books?

No haven’t read any of his stuff yet. Little pricey for me over here in Australia. Might have to save up. Wonder if there is anything that I could get hold of in the library - don’t think his stuff is there, sadly.

Welcome, @Kristen. I agree, nice intro.

Thanks IrisAthena :slight_smile:

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