New and interesting perspectives on sigil magick more than welcome

Hello. I’ve recently begun to get into frequent invocation, almost daily. When I’m chanting the name or Enn while gazing at the sigil, parts of it seem to phase in and out of existence on the parchment. I’ve never had this happen before but have made successful contact before but now it seems stronger. Anyone have any relevant perspective on this, it would be much appreciated.


You are doing it right and the more you practice the more stronger it most definitely will be.

I’m definitely glad to hear that. I’m wondering what caused the sudden change of sensory input though. Perhaps something just clicked into place. For sure not unknown to happen. Much obliged. :blush:


If I may ask who are you invoking?

Astaroth mainly as it is her time but also working with Belial and Furcas.

Is the sigil also supposed to seemingly reconfigure itself? Nothing specific really just new.