New and broke

hi im brand new and trying to learn all i can


@Lady_Eva our mighty Mistress of Moderation has some links for beginners that she usually sends out to new members, I believe. When she comes online she can direct you.


Same, draw some sigils and start evocation! Thats how i started lolol


@mind had the usual PM after doing intro, try these as well:

This is a useful accompaniment:

This will give you a headstart on why there are paradoxes in magick and whether spirits are “real” and why so many different cultures have different ideas (it’s really short as well!): The Kybalion PDF, archived link.

You can best learn if you know what your goals are, you’ll never master “all” magick because it’s like trying to find the biggest number in the world, it changes and grows all the time, but you can master specific fields or become an initiate of specific cirrents, or methods, etc. :+1:


What led you to become interested in magick?

Sorry, @Lady_Eva I forgot you send the links in PM after an Intro. My bad :blush:

If you pm me I don’t mind chatting with you or perhaps teaching you some of what I know. I shift my awareness to perceive alternate dimensions where energy we can’t normally consciously sense dwells. When you shift your awareness, your able to perceive into entirely different realities.

Now alot of really good methods involve modifying your resting brainwave state. But because I work alot, its hard for me to make time for lengthy procedures. These days I prefer filtering alternate perception through a lens that operates alot like our imagination. However, different from our imagination which we actively control, this alternate lens must be awoken.

I can’t tell you how your unique organism experiences awakening but I can share alot of value with you so when you perform things like invokation and evokation you don’t run into trouble other people might.

Now why would I do this for you? Because I love magick and love sharing what I know and have experienced. I also love hearing about other people’s experiences. Perhaps I might even be there(in spirit) when you awaken. Or perhaps you’ve already awoken and have tales to tell! :smiley_cat:

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New users can’t PM for a while - you’ll need to reach out to him or her.

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You don’t need money starting out or at all for that matter to be honest. Depending on which practice you are looking into you more than likely already have household items you may want to use for basics. In reality all you need is yourself

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The Kybalion that Lady Eve posted really is an excellent piece of occult writing. You might already understand a lot of what’s in there.

If you can stick that document on your brain and understand what they’re saying then gratz bro you’re a wizard :+1:


i heard about it from a former pal of mine and it went from thare

Broke? Well faaawwwwwqqq!

Just kidding. Got a pen? Piece of paper? An understanding of the difference between Will and Desire? Then you, amigo, just might have what it takes to kick ass!

Money is never an issue, just focus on that learn part.


The dollar store has got you covered.

Really a lot of the things you would like to have to start out in the occult can be found in the dollar store !


thanks im reading the kybalion on and off and i get some of what im reading


Good idea.The Kybalion is one of those works where you can read it 20 times and still make gains the 21st time you read it. And it is free. Winning.

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when i can i will