New alter? Mini

I recently purchased a portable alter…

didn’t know it was actually a mini one… however it came with instructions from a witch along with several stones & a sea shell & white tea leaf candle… I DON’T DO wican magic… I practice dark magic baneful kind…& money magic … candle etc etc… question to the forum… can I still use this if I consecrated it properly for my way of magic… as I’m in a situation where no personal space or privacy is had unless in my car or someone else’s bathrooms… this was thought to be bigger at time of purchase the picture most certainly was… it seems to fit me… again this is a question to the forum

I don’t know why it should be a issue. I’ve seen people use Mother Mary’s statue for lillith and use Angelic statues for demons.

I understand completely not having much of a space to yourself to practice. I think you’ll be fine using this, just be sure to maybe respectfully send that practitioner’s energies away. Remove the old stuff and don’t use it all, cleanse the altar itself, then start right in on making it your own with your own objects, energies, and intentions. It seems like a great piece :+1:t2:

You can actually get a jewelry box organizer and use it as an altar. many size and different layouts depending on your needs. I got a small one for putting my demons rings and sigil pendants.

here’s an example : U can actually do some good magick organizing with this one.8.5x10.4 inch width 4.4inch

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