New agers - light workers

I see a lot of light workers channeling messages that are too pleasant to the ears. Idk if there’s a spirit decieving them but they rarely channel about demons and who they are but always light and sugarcoating things that seem meaningless. Idk it’s just my opinion.

I’m curious if there is really a spirit pertending to be the archangels and other gods they channel.


Could just be “What the thinker thinks, the prover proves” and they are in harmony with the Earth School concept, where everything is a test and lesson to help people “evolve” to kind of help “God” (or whatever) out in a specific and dualistic direction.

But in that model, everything is for the highest good of all, etcetera, so messages do have that pleasing “everything is here for your benefit” kind of vibe that also, arguably, mimics certain genuine realities… and it’s all love and light, until they dislike you and decide you’re somehow not “all is as it was meant to be”! :laughing:

Some are very powerful and hard to influence, and throw serious curses, I come from that world, and that’s why I never underestimate the spiritual power of fanatical adherence to a worldview.


Yeah… listen to Coast to Coast with George Nooray and you hear this all the time. Any demons are dealt with harshly by these “exorcists” that parade around there.

Of course, you could just throw all such things like angels, gods, guardians, demons, elementals, dragons, etc into a big bag labeled spirits or entities instead of going with classification. Being human we tend to like more order or naming things.

Maybe god got that right about the naming identification of things; that is, if you want to believe in the mankind creation myth.


Light workers tend to be cocky sometimes even when they hate you, which I’ve noticed by a few. :joy:

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I mostly read all the dogmatic post. Demons and Lucifer where kicked out of heaven and then they became ugly and evil. Lucifer became Satan and it all his fault. And i don’t want to hear his side of the story, blah, blah, blah.

How in Heaven’s name :wink:. How can someone who disagrees become evil forever


There is so much unfunded shit and those lighrworkers pretend to communicate with dieties and none of them places question by these so called dogmatic stories online


What I noticed from the new age group, having come from it myself, is it feels a lot like positive brainwashing. While it steered me in the direction I needed to go and expanded my personal growth and awareness, it has served its purpose. I feel more free and whole accepting all parts of the spectrum in the ways they serve me, but the new age movement only facilitates so much real progress, you limit yourself heavily if you don’t expand beyond it.


I’m curious about this because I had some family members who were into the “new age”. And I was little st the time but could you please list some of the things that you didn’t like about it specifically?

Just interested because I’ve heard this before on the forum regarding new age beliefs and I’m interested to hear experiences

There is a lot of judgement in the new age groups.

They reject most things that do not feel good, i.e. good vibes only.
They reject a lot of their anger and try to deny their fear rather than accept and overcome it.

Many people don’t understand shadow work and don’t seem to work on their deeper issues.


Many of the younger new age practitioners are heavily judgemental. I always loved going to yoga classes and meetup groups wearing my brutalest death metal shirts, hair down, dark pants. I wanted to challenge everyone in that room. If I felt unwelcome, I wouldn’t go back.
I always loved challenging people’s beliefs and defying stereotypes. Here is this younger man who looks like he has a serious anger problem and wants to kill himself, who shows up with deeper knowledge of self than most and shares his insight. It really puts people in an awkward situation where they have to either release their judgements, or sink further into them.

Many new age practitioners just love the aesthetic. They don’t know how to use any of the supplies they buy efficiently, they aren’t working on raising their personal power or harnessing the universe.

There is too much room for a cult mentality to develop. Teal Swan is a good example.

Less developed or less involved practitioners are easily manipulated by people that channel these aliens and higher entities. Not saying there aren’t some people out there that are legitimate, but if all you have to do is give out a positive message about the ascension of humanity, throw in some key words, and give lame generic advice, count me in. I’ll take some of those YouTube dollars any day.

TL;DR Many of the new age practitioners are about as deep as a trailer park kiddie pool and I can’t relate to 90% of them as they have no lust for knowledge or wisdom, no desire to reclaim their personal power, no drive to practice deeper magick, little knowledge of self, are just too positive, avoid shadow work, embrace the aesthetic more than their own soul, and are typically easily manipulated.