New activity around the house since last evocation?


I encountered a Black ‘Bat’ type thing fly past me in the kitchen. I would have thought it was a Bat but it disappeared. It was definitely there as the Dog turned and watched it to . I have never had this type of thing before and I can assure you I am not on any meds etc.
I felt no ‘bad vibes’ just flew past me into a door. What is this and have you ever had anything similar? I feel no need to cleanse or have any bad vibes or bad energy around the house but I am pondering if it to do the the Spirit, a haunting, or another energy


Imo the dog’s reaction is an integral factor. If it didn’t react negatively then it’s probably fine. My cat does the same thing often. I’ve never had, nor heard of, a bat-like phenomenon though. That’s really interesting. I have seen non-human entities zipping about in black wisps, but never anything so well defined as to have wings. I wouldn’t do a cleansing either.


My Dog looked confused, as did I. I think it is some energy, not harmful. It was the same size as a Bat but not clearly defined as one if you know what I mean and had movement rather than an Orb.
I just carried on as normal (as we do) lol Thank you


I call these ‘Astral wildlife’. I feel like they’ve always been around but we couldn’t see them before, either because our sensitivity increases wit work, and/or the veils are thinning.


Thank you


My house has three cat-like creatures that seem to have moved in earlier this year, they look like enormous cats with arched backs, lemur heads and no tails. My cat thinks they’re other cats and she’s not social so she shouts at them, but I can’t see them as well as she can. I dubbed them Huey, Dewey and Louie :slight_smile:
I got to pet one in a dream the other day, they’re really nice.


Amazing. The learning with the occult really is never ending


“Astral wildlife”, that is excellent. I will never stop using that phrase. It perfectly sums up so many things.


I my self I got home late once, as I was getting ready to eat I started to hear wings flapping loud in the corner of my living room and felt being watched.
My dog was confused a little he seemed like he could smell something in the air.