New Account


For some reason something glitched in my laptop this week and I have been locked out of abut every acct i have. So this is a new acct, sucks as I have so much stuff saved in my old one. Anyway… here I go again.


Trust me, you’ll recover and come out stronger.

In terms of loosing many accounts,
have you checked for viruses and whether an identity theft may have occeured?




YEAH, THIS THING HAS BEEN SCANNED crazy. i think it may have to do with TOR browser. I have been trying to get med on the dark net. the Dr.s took me off a med and it has damn near killed me. Seems like after about a week of having the browser, my laptop always go ‘fukky’ !!!
but, yeah-- things will be restored better. now if I can only get the scripts I need to end this pain hell I have been forced into.


No probs, I have given you your old Trust Level so you have fast-tracked PM ability etc under this account. :+1:


I don’t think it is TOR as I have had for nearly over a month before without anything happening. Also, be careful with what you get off there. Remember it is the dark web.


What operating system are you running? I recommend linux even if it is only something like Tails on a boot drive and then you can keep your dark web searching separate from your main operating system and just plug in the bootdrive whenever you want and use a separate usb to save stuff onto. I only use windows to play games now and maybe to compile some code specifically for windows, all my other work is done from my linux partition. Windows has always been screwy for anything past the basics with me.