New 100% Saturnian Banishing Rite

I created this Rite based on the fact that the Golden Dawns LBRP ritual is inconsisent with results. It is capable of banishing a limited amount of forces and entities.
It is light based and does well with Minor entities and currents, but falls short of the bigger badder more dangerous beings that come from the Various planets.

This Rite uses Saturn and creates a Black Hole in the Room, crushing all entities and currents in its vicinity.
What you will need:

Black Pepper


Garlic Powder

A bowl

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What to do:

● Put the Black Pepper, Garlic powder and coffee powder into the bowl.

● Shake it up, while Charging it with Saturns energy

At this point you will feel it start to take Affect.

● Pour Enough Virgin olive oil to where you can cover the bottom and sides of the bowl in it. Proceed to swirl the oil and powders in the bowl together until the sides are covered.

● Command the Oil to Open the Gates of Binah, Daath, and Satariel to form a Black Hole that crushes all Currents, energies, and beings that are in the room.

● Trace the Planetary symbol of Saturn ON THE GROUND in the room WITH THE OIL/POWDER SOLUTION.

● The energy will be very strong at this point. Command the Black Hole to open. At this moment you will feel a strong pull towards the center of the room where the hole is. Allow yourself to be pulled. Thats the beings, negativity, etc being pulled off you.

● When the pull stops, seal the gateway and command that nothing escapes from it and that it will remain in the room until you need it again.


Try this out and let me know how it works!


Nice one.
I use something similar.
Creating Astral object’s and spells into a spiritual field which is collapsed into a rippling hypercube,
which shrinks anything in it and makes it easily desolveable / Throwable.
-The throwable is more for spells which need to be carried forward to get to the right point of impact.
I don’t use black wholes there however. I usualy just use air / Chi for that.
Black wholes / white Stars i use on Stronger Occasions, not in daily Casting.
For white stars i usually use a light source to pull from.



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Hi @Micah
You mentioned that my aura is very plutonian and that I’m entering into a nether realm beyond pluto.

Am I attracting negative entites just because of my aura?

Also, how do I charge the bowl? Do I invoke the Saturnian energy and then command it to enter the bowl?

Also, when it comes to the hole, do I just command the hole to close with my will when it’s done?

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Concerning your Aura, you are not attracting negative beings because of it

Place your hand over the bowl and invoke saturnian energy into it as described above

The hole will close on its own after it is done.
You seal it shut with your own will

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Thanks man!

One last thing.
My temple is my bedroom, which has a carpet floor lol.
I get that the symbol should be tied directly to the ground, but will it be fine if I draw it on something that I lay over the carpet?

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Honestly, it is optimal that it be drawn on the floor. Im not gonna bullshit you on this one and say it can be drawn on the wall or on paper lol

Take the tiniest amount you can and dab your fingers in it, then draw the symbol

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Ah okay :ok_hand:

One last, last thing lol.

If my aura doesn’t attract negative entities or big bad spirits, then what does?

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It could be a variety of things man
Maybe something from the environment?
Etc etc

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Thanks for answering my questions! Your shit is badass!

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