James Holmes - Donald Marshall - Mind/Body Control - Colorado Shootings

So - this is now a technology… We have a lot of catching up to do for supreme power

I would tend to think this guy in the video is a scam artist…If I met him on the street…I would not be trusting him for any truth at all based on his eye pattern…good luck.


How does this guy know all this and what does it have to do with the nethers?

I dont explain myself properly sometimes.
There is a Nether that teaches you how to or facilitates the transfer of self to another body as a form of immortality or soul transference.

Even if this guy is full of shit so to speak, it is possible that science has found a way to do this Techniques of magick are always working in a kind of higher science whos effects are based on a reproducible principle.

And what of it? Well I am not always war minded though I understand the urge to not just live but thrive, and if science has gotten to this point then we have alot if work to do…its better to stay ahead of the curve

It’s interesting - Robert Bruce talked about transferring consciousness into another being.
A good meditation for this, specifically, is learning to completely still the mind. This way, when you focus on transferring your consciousness into an object or another being, you are able to ‘listen’ to what is going on in them. Practicing transferring your consciousness into an object or being is as simple as moving your perception point into it - and attempting to reconstruct what it would feel like to be that object or being. It sounds like something that can take a shit ton of work to get down. However - I think having the ability to quite your mind will give you a heads up on whether or not somebody is trying to tap into you.
Plus, my personal opinion on the matter is that knowing how to put up barriers and such can deflect such attacks.