Net Neutrality and Belial

I’m returning from my BALG hiatus! I took some time to focus on my mental health, my YouTube channel, and an occult book I’ve been writing. First and foremost I apologize to the people who didn’t get readings from my rune reading thread. I was very overwhelmed and I had to step away from BALG and other internet mediums to focus myself and repair some stuff in my life. So you’re probably wondering what this has to do with net neutrality. The attempt by the administration to debase internet freedom has been blamed on capitalism which is false! It is a symptom of “The Swamp” and corporatism which is completely separate from capitalism. I don’t know if there is already a thread on this but I would ask my fellow American black magicians to do the magickal and mundane work to prevent this shady and corrupt move by the FCC from taking place. Belial and Lucifer stand with me, do you? Let’s plan a group ritual. BALG helped get Trump into the White House and if we can do that, we can prevent these corrupt alphabet soup FCC oligarchs from strangulating the internet in the name of a handful of propagandist corporations.


Well said. I will send my legions to the cause.