Néstor La Vox

Lucifer happened to me almost 15 years ago when he revealed to me in a very dark moment of my life, he removed the blindfold from my eyes and my life has never been the same. He approached me as one of “HIS SONS”.

Ever since I dedicated my spiritual life to grow and help others grow in wisdom and empowering them to take control and responsibility of their lives.

I am an independent music artist, originally from Puerto Rico. One of the promises I made to Lucifer was to help clean up his name and spread the truth about him. I’ve done that by teaching those who want to know more about him and through my music. I have paid a dear price for my actions, the price I don’t mind paying because in my heart I know I am helping humanity’s enlightenment. This is my last music video where I do make a lot of symbolic reference to him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9dg4vXJYu8 also I recorded this one called LUCIFIS, were I talk directly about him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2pMChCHbgE

I am starting the pre-production of REBELLION. This is my most ambitious project to this date. In this music video, I will tell the story of LUCIFERS rebellion from HIS perspective in contrast to the Judeo - Christian version. It will be recorded in English, Spanish (my native language) and Portuguese.

The production is very ambitious visually speaking and production costs are very high. I am approaching all serious Luciferian organizations, individuals and churches to help me deliver this message in the fashion he deserves.


I’m a Musical Artist too!!!
Let’s collab

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Welcome. Please be aware that using this forum to promote your own musical work is not permitted.

Do you practice any magick?

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I don’t think Leon is promoting anything, he’s introducing himself as a musical artist as well and kindly asking to collaborate. Yes I do magic as well, being a Luciferian for 15 years, I want to network with fellow Luciferians, I have been walking the path alone during those 15 years.


I wasn’t referring to Leon, but to you, and i was simply giving you a heads up that trying to use the forum to promote your musical work is not allowed so that you don’t open threads with links to your music asking for "reviews’ like some people have done. It saves you from facing the mod’s ban hammer 'cause we want new members to stick around :blush:

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