Nervous About Casting Spell/ Fire Scrying

Hello folks!

I am in the last few hours prior to casting my first so-called BIG spell, and am nervous. Not so much in the actual casting, but in procedure and common practice.

You see, I do not have all the candles. I’m down to one black and one white candle and won’t be able to get them until my next pension check on the 3rd of September. I cannot sit on this spell til then, I am prepared to cast it on the full moon tonight at 0300 local (3 am). Mind you that I DO have the circle and salt, but are the candles dogma or absolute necessities. Some advice please.

Secondly, I have caught a little flak over “my daily act of evil” which I am still batting 1000 on the practice of burning the Gospels from the Bible a few pages at a time.

Now, one thing I have been attempting is to scry on the flames and smoke of the fire. I see a lot in the flames daily, usually the same thing- and I don’t have a clue as to what I’m seeing, although it is the same thing everyday. I see “something” familiar in both the fire and smoke, especially when I focus on what I’ve been seeing now for the last couple of weeks. I am left wondering what it may be, albeit the same thing. It seems to only visually appear. I am not afraid of it as it is something both familiar and friendly. I try to talk to it, even focus my thinking (therefore, in this case, all I have the ability to do.

When I do ask a question, the smoke flies to my face, and if I’m between thoughts the smoke passes to my left. Again, I must ask what this may be and what it is saying to me.

As I mentioned, I cast the spell tonight, and have these seemingly major questions in front of me. What is your thought(s) on this?

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I would just use the two candles since it’s all you have for now, and put all of your energy and power into the spell. If you feel like you need to do another casting then get more candles on the 3rd and perform it on the next full moon. I’m not an expert or anything, that’s just what I would do because I hate waiting also :grin::grin: I’m not familiar with fire scrying, I’m sorry i can’t give any input on that, but I’m sure someone will come along with their input.

Good luck with your spell and I look forward to reading about your results :bouquet:

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Is normal to be nervous, BUT practice not to be, I know is hard but if you master your fears you can overcome anything in this world. I know is easier said then done.

Happy Casting =)

Thank You! I thought I had conquered my fears in my aviation and military careers, but apparently I still just a human being (a human being on ascent that is) and doing this spell, the fear is mixed- either it WILL come to fruition, or, it WON’t come to fruition. Its the uncertainty that makes me nervous, and I don’t want to bring that into the spell, less it lose some efficacy. But I suppose that a little but is just par for the course right now, and until I get more under my belt so to speak. Great advice SOLIDBLAZE!

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First, many THANKS! I will cast it tonight as planned at 3am under the full moon. If you read my reply to SOLIDBLAZE below, you may see what else is on my mind… I just must forge ahead and DO THIS THANG!
If I don’t do it, how can I get anything out of it, right?

Now I don’t know how appropriate it is to ask for thoughts of protection tonight since I do not have the requisite candles. I may get myself in trouble if I formally ask for the thoughts to be sent my way… but in either case, I need it.

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Please read my reply to “positivelycm” above regarding asking for thoughts of protection, and even, success now that I think of it. I do not know if asking for both protection and success are even allowed in this forum, but there it is.

My spell is rather large and detailed (for a newbie I suppose) and I’m finished rifling through it to “put it in order”. It has the potential to save me from some awful things and help me out tremendously in others. The bottom line is that I am willing to help those in my immediate sphere of influence in any way possible when/if the spell comes into being.

You see, I’m even nervous of publicly admitting my uncertainty of the spell either working or NOT working. I feel as if I could jinx myself. Intellectually I know that is just being anxious, but on the other realms we are in, it might put the kibosh on the spell. Or could it? I dunno. All I can say is that I’m nervous, and that , I know , is normal.

Always with the “if’s” right??

I was an aircraft electrician in the Navy for 7 years!!! I loved every moment of my time in. It’s great to see someone else with an aviation and military background :hugs:

That’s what the forum is all about though isn’t it? Supporting each other. I put a post up in Latin the other day and was rightly notified that that wasn’t the thing to do necessarily, so I won’t “re-post” it or anything similar. English is the law of the land, and I get it- the why and the practicality. All I ask is for support on this and thoughts around midnight to 3am central time tonight (actually tomorrow morning), for both success and protection.

But here’s to all of us on the LHP regardless of the particulars.

What thoughts, if any, do you have about me not having the right number of candles? I have a black one and a while one, and can’t get anymore until I get my disability pension next month. What do you think?

I am a fully licensed pilot with time in both 727’s and DC-9’s, and over 1000 hours total time. I, too was in the Navy! SUPERCOOL! I was both an AD (aviation machinists mate on the then new SH-60F- jet engine repair man, but was always doing phase maintenance and then going out to fly the rotor balance, go back and re-adjust the trim and go fly it again and again until its perfect. So, I did get to fly some in the Navy, some in the left seat (the helo pilot commander sits in the left seat, so I can say to fellow airline pilot friends that most of my time was in the left seat… its a joke and they know it, but LOL anyway!

Its great to meet another practitioner that was in the “Nav”… I was stationed at NAS North Island on the “Left Coast”. I was there for Desert Shield/Storm and the air wing deployed on the Nimitz then CVW 9, now its CVW 11 I think. But hell, great to network with you! Let’s keep in touch shipmate!

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That’s awesome, you’re a pilot!! We spent a lot of long hrs working alongside ADs on engine changes on P-3s. ADs were the only people we could tolerate working with LOL.
When I first went in, I was stationed at NAS Oceana, worked on F-14s, deployed on the USS Enterprise for 6 months and did a Med cruise. The best time of my life.
They phased out the F-14s. I’m glad I had a chance to work on them before they did. Then went to Diego Garcia for a year, on to NAS Brunswick in Maine to work on P-3s and deployed to Misawa AB and Al Udeid in Qatar.

Sure, no problem at all!! PM me whenever you want :hugs:

I’m working to get that last 500 hours to get my ATP license. The issue is that I’m 48 and mandatory retirement, as it sits presently) is 60. So not enough time to really build a retirement. I don’t relish being a full time instructor again, but maybe a flight school and maintenance facility with paint booth, avionics etc. I could do that forever! I started at age 19 fueling Cessna’s on the line and now nearly 30 years later I still have my fingers in it. No matter what may come, as long as I can fly, I’m happy: 1) I never get tired of the view and 2) its something to share with family and friends. Check in frequently and I shall do the same! Don’t forget your thoughts of support for my spell tonight. I don’t often ask for help, and that may have been my biggest liability over the last 48 years, so now, I’m breaking with tradition and going all in! Thanks again!!