Nergal Demon Underworld


hi so I was doing my spirit ouija board session the usual players were there commuting with me Azazel and Satan who spelled his name Shaitan anyway I asked who else is with you guys and it spelled out Nergal this is a demon I haven’t worked with and Nergal is a demon of the underworld… any Nergal experiences… sigils I can use for him…


I need info and opinions on the spirt or demon known as Nergal because his named showed up for me…


I work closely with him. He’s not a demon.


I’ll write down what I have found out again take this with a grain of salt since everything is different for everybody…

lord Enki creator God of Magick and man…
Shamash God of justice takes an active role in human affairs and aids those in distress…
Nergal son of Enlil a solar deity God of War presides over the netherworld and in charge of the government of the dead…

this is from ancient Mesopotamia and Sumerian texts…


every God who is not Jesus is a demon claimed by the Roman catholic church


Are we Christian?


lol no but all gods are now dubbed demons so it does not matter if they are or not we can use the term for them


Why must we use old titles, anyway? I refer to them as beings. This encompasses many types. I do not refer to them as demons due to the negative vibration associated with the word.
Can we be godlike if we refer to our teachers/liberators as less than ourselves?


I prefer the terms gods or spirits…


Nergal is quite powerful. He holds power over some of the watchers.
Btw I love the profile picture.


Oh he is.
Even an incarnated one. :smiling_imp: