It’s the second night I have a similar dream, what happens is that I watch my cell phone ring and the name that appears is Nettuno, Neptune. This night I managed to answer the call, and I heard a deep voice speaking but I was distracted, in the dream, to listen to a man who was speaking (which is the subject of an ongoing curse on my part). Recently I traveled to Bologna, and there is a fountain with the statue of Neptune in the main square. In short, Neptune everywhere.
As a child, when I was in the water, at the sea, I imagined talking to Neptune, the sirens, the creatures of the sea. I do not remember much else. I do not know much about ancient Greek deities, I know the various deities and tasks on a mythological level. I do not know what to think. Right now I’m trying to strengthen the relationship with Belial, and Marbas, and Lilith. I do not know whether to interpret everything as an invitation to be interested in Neptune, could it help me in any way? Has anyone ever had experiences with him?

Neptune ia cool guy, he know about intuition and his domain is water. He can teach powerfull magick indeed. Power of water. His symbol is the trident. Likes liquid offerings


These visions mught be your communications with a deity are misunderstood and that a nature spirit of water or the sea that is sending the visions of miscommunication. Spirits of Nature are sometimes seen as energies in the form of creatures, or in this case the ancient Roman Deity of Water Neptune who was king of the sea. You mentioned a curse or hex perhaps the deity will not accede to what you are casting and you should perform another ritual.

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The curse in progress did not involve the spirits of nature, even if it is to that kind of magic that I am more attached to. I feel it is something important, but I do not understand yet. Maybe I should look for Nettuno’s collaboration? I have a doubt. Maybe it’s an invitation to change my mind? I do not believe. It would not be possible. Or maybe he wants to offer me a more appropriate way to get my purpose, am I doing wrong with the curse method? I should try to get in touch. I’ll do some research. Thanks to everyone, every advice is precious.