Neophyte Here

Took me a minute to sign up, as I observe this community first. This seems like a good community. With good intent.

About me
I’m new to magick really
I have dive in books from GOM and Ben woodcraft
And Tazkuvel

I don’t know if I’ve had the result I’ve wanted constantly with those books

But I want to expand my Knowledge and practice
I’d like to learn more towards the Archangel / White magick first per se
Before I get into the other entities.

But I’m looking for a method where I don’t need much tools
But where I can be able to communicate with a spirit telepathically for divination and find the solution to what work I need or who or what angels will take on the task? And what to do

I don’t want to complicate magick with wearing robs and drawing big circle :o:️ and have lots of perfume around etc although I respect it

I know someone I find his method interesting
When he is working
He use a small Masonic sword :dagger:
And a skull horn for a deer
And use a candle and a silver ball in a class of water , sometimes a compass :man_shrugging:t6: And say he use word of passage to talk to spirit or command them to do the work he needs. He like hesitant to teach I guess so I’m in my own quest
Alsothink he refer to Lucifer as father the creator

Ask you for your DOB and your name
And he go about telling you your problem.

I’m curious to know what system and method is that

But I also would like to get rid of all my fears of working with Archangel , angels and Demon magick period
How do I do that?

Any help would be awesome .

I hope I didn’t get off topic
I just want to be awesome
And safe and help me and my friends and manifest some shit in my life.

Point me in the safe right direction plz.


Welcome to the BALG forum!

You will find plenty of information here. Please avail yourself of the search function in the upper right (the little magnifying glass) and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you can’t find the answer or don’t understand something. We’re all pretty friendly here :slight_smile:

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Research, find, practice and rehearse a banishing ritual. Do this until you feel the energy shift - then keep practising. Reverse for invoking. Get these simple, foundational rituals under your belt first.



my welcome is late but glad to have you seems like your friend is good with numoralogy at least thats what i believe it to be any way all the info you need is right here and all of us here know alot dont be afraid to ask ok glad to have you here welcome to the family

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Be welcomed here

Welcome and learn to meditate.

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