Neighbours hearing your spells

So I was doing my nightly candle spell for overall protection and got really into the incantation. 90% of the time my window is closed so I never check it. I go to lay down after the spell and feel a breeze, lol the window was cracked and since I live in a very condensed home structure I’m sure the neighbours heard it as their windows are closeby.

Has anyone else ever been in this situation where someone overhears a ritual or a window is accidentally open like in my case?

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I’m not living alone so it’s hard for me to perform any magick out loud as well.
Unfortunately I have to whisper the names and such, wich is a pain in the ass but I’m used to it :pensive:


Is there a problem with the neighbours overhearing you?

If they mention something about it you can always claim it was a movie you were watching.



The problem is that neighbours and people who see or hear the ritual can polute it, even diminish the power of the ritual.

That’s a good idea, thanks for that. I don’t really have much social contact with my neighbours but I’d rather them not know as they seem nosy as it is lol

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Yeah… I live on 3rd floor and theres a family on the 2nd floor…im pretty sure they think im crazy. Some times i see them and they like “U okay?” :joy:

Anyhow i’d recommend figuring out when they are home and not home, then do the rituals when they are gone.