Neighbor from Hell

I need some serious advice here and I’ve got a really difficult target. My 17 year old has been hanging around with the mentally unstable middle aged neighbor upstairs and all hell is breaking loose. My daughter has mental health issues herself and our relationship had improved a lot this year but since she’s been hanging around with this neighbor all hell has broken loose and she encourages her to rebel. Said neighbor is also an occultist and practices Satanism which I’m not real familiar with. I worked with alloces along with the Angels of Wrath destroy defenses ritual to bind this person up and make her just leave us the hell alone and it only worked for a minute. Any advice on how to get rid of this person is much appreciated, it’s getting to a point where I’m gonna have to pack up and move asap if it doesn’t stop. I’m countin on ya’ll to come through with something potent enough to deal with this person! TYIA


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I completely miss read this my fault.

Did you see the Force Exile ritual in that book? Seems like that’s what you’re looking for. If that doesn’t work then maybe just move. Perhaps you’ll find a much better place to live.

Hope this helps. I had some awful neighbors who held loud parties every day until 4-5am - it was so loud, our walls would shake and crumbs fell from the ceiling. My partner and I both work busy jobs and it was becoming a problem. The super and landlord didn’t do anything and no matter how many times we brought it up to the party hard neighbors, to the landlord and super, to the police, they kept at it.
Then I called on Sitri via evocation because I read somewhere on the forum that Sitri could help with getting rid of annoying neighbors.
At first, nothing changed, but over a month or so, infighting broke out between them, and the parties gradually reduced and stopped. After another month, they moved out.
Also agree with prior reply to bring it to the police since he is an adult and your daughter is underaged.


You can look up a recipe for hot foot powder. Its used to make people distance themselves from you. You could try to get them to move so you don’t have to.