Negotiations on offerings with Belial

Has anyone ever struggled but succesfully managed to negotiate alternative offerings to Belial after he fufilled your requests?

For example: He may want blood, possibly lots of it in return. He may want blood from dangerous body parts you may be hesistant to draw from. In this case one can offer other offerings besides blood. Maybe expensive wine among other things?

Any experiences?

I’m planning to contact him as my scrying is getting better but my clairaudience needs working. I’ll try having Mepsitahl assist me with it.

If he were to ask me for an offering from a dangerous location, I’d cut the conversation short. Not just Belial, but any Deity. Throwing that out there.

I have negotiated offerings before, though. This was due to things like a lack of privacy or circumstances didn’t allow for it, such as with illness. When I started giving blood offerings, it was with a scalpel. When I decided to go to lancets, I didn’t ask. My offering wasn’t about pain, it was about blood.

How I go about that (and where) is my choice. That said, if I’m making a request, I will give them the option of choosing where, provided it’s a sensible request. Want it from the underside of my right pinky toe? Fine, but I’m not lancing my tongue. Or my eye. You get the idea.


Makes sense. Belial fufilled my request but since there was no communication I had no idea if and what he wanted in return. It turned out he wanted blood from a vein from the wrist. Both wrists I believe. The lancets made it very difficult so I kinda blame myself somewhat for the minor skin cuts.

He wasn’t forceful, though. I’ll try asking what his offerings would be.