Neglecting the lwa

It says in the spider and the green butterfly that if you neglect the lwa they will turn on you. Seeing as though there are many lwa as it is. How can a bocor or hougan reconcile with the lwa. Or the bigger question i have is how can one commune with all the lwa for there to be order and diffuse chaos in my life? It would seem that the seemingly amount of spirits would take some time just to commune with all of them. Is there 1 paticular lwa who would convey the message of peace or would i have to approach each spirit individually

From my limited understanding, each Lwa is part of a certain family, so you don’t have to commune with all of them, just the “head” of the family, so to speak.

The two that come to mind would be papa legba and met kalfu considering rada and petro. They are the same yet two polar opposites. One is rada the other petro

Give them what you can. If there is a real connection there, it won’t be a problem. It won’t feel like a chore. Offering to the Lwa is really enjoyable to me for some reason. One thing that Legba said to me when I was initiated is that I must be ready to serve, but also be ready TO BE served.


I would consider going through Legba for all case scenarios. Then work with the Darker Lwa.

It’s a relationship, like friends or family (but different). It takes work, you may not always get it just right, but you just keep developing the connection and relationship

Yes i agree. Since it is a relatively new path about a month or more i have approached a students attitude. I feel connected in this path. Although i have yet to purchase the voudan course. I called out to legba recently and found the lwa to be powerful.

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