Neglected honey jar - should I make a new one?

Hello everyone!
I’m a newbie with a question about a honey jar. I made a honey jar a few months ago to sweeten an ex towards me but due to life getting in the way and things improving, Due to religious parents visiting, I’ve had to hide it for some time in the back of my closet. Now our relationship is more distant than ever and I was wondering if I should recharge the honey jar (without opening it) or just make a new one! I’d appreciate any and all input–thanks in advance!

Why not both? You could make a new one with the things you’ve learned since making the first, while charging that one up again for extra potency :slight_smile:

I heard there’s a full moon tonight. That might be a good time to do it, right?

You can do both.

I once opened my old jar and offered it to the ants and then made a new one. While offering to the ants, imagine you are speaking to the spirits of the ants requesting them to sweeten your life with your person in mind.

Also instead of a full blown honey jar, all you need is a dab of honey put on a piece of photo and stick the other person’s photo put it in a small plastic envelope or sheet. The following are optional - take 2 strong magnets on each side of the honeyed photo. You can further then make a ball around this with red or pink yarn and place it in your drawer. No need to waste an entire honey-jar.