Negativity protection

Would “negativity protection” include protection from being stopped while driving by the police?

So would something like a “fiery wall of protection” type spell protect me from being stopped by the police as long as I was doing my part and obeying the rules as much as possible.

I was thinking like a 2 coffin nail cross, or maybe an iron railroad spike. wrapped in Red and dressed with Archangel Michael oil.
I am looking for protection while I am driving a vehicle.

I want something that will be active while I am not thinking about it. And maybe to learn some kind of chant or something to use in case I was doing some stupid and got myself pulled over to help lessen the anger/self righteousness of the cop.

I read the Jason Miller book and he chanted to Hecate in a traffic stop situation but I do not have a relationship with Hecate, so she would likely ignore me but maybe there is something/someone else.

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