Negative entity and insomnia

Can I negative entity be responsible for insomnia?
Can it be inherited from a person’s mother?

A banishing should take care of this, correct?
Perhaps there is some sort of ward or talisman/amulet that might help?

I would not want it to banish everything, just the things that keep waking me up (or other stuff that is messing with me). Whether the entity is internal to me or external I don’t care.

Anyway, I heard that in some YouTube video and wondered if my insomnia might be caused by that and if there could be a magickal response for it. Now I just take a sleeping pills from the doctor to stay asleep. Or maybe I am just wishful thinking. Is such a thing possible and what sort of object would I need to hold it at bay. I was going to say kill, but I don’t think you can kill energy, at least not permanently. Maybe I am wrong about that too. Also, I am not interested in trying to kill something, failing, and having it come back and tear me apart.

Do you wake up because they appear in your dreams and cause you stress? Do you feel drained and tired after waking up? That is what happened to me during some periods of time and I trained myself to ignore or fight them off and continue to sleep.

entities can cause a lot of things, but insomnia can also be caused by a lot of things. Insomnia also causes illusions of entities or increases your vulnerability to them. If you can’t sleep before 3AM, you’ll feel weak and might have nightmare, which could be mistaken for entities (or in some cases might be entities attracted to your weakened state). If you have very few hours of sleep at night, the same happen.

I don’t know what your mother is like but if she’s not likely to be related to anything psychic/occult then if you’re talking inheritance, I’d say it’s more genetic. Try to live healthy and exercise.

in the event that nothing works and you are repeatedly bothered by an entity you can feel, try to lucid dream and try to find a figure you can bond with and trust in your dream. It can be a character you like, or a persona of yourself, or the cognition of someone you trust, does not have to be an angel or demon and I don’t recommend bonding with an angel/ demon just to protect you if you don’t know them very well already.

I bonded with Belial to deal with an entity who had attempted to assault me for almost 10 years. It took me very long to make that decision and I was going through a tough time. However I am able to fight them off now even if they show up. I can handle most others as well.

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Thanks for answering.
I am not sure what it is. I used to wake up from nightmares. I would have the 2 same nightmares night after night, sometimes multiple times in a night. The nightmares seem to be gone but the being woke up for no reason persists.

As for my childhood, much of it is unknown to me. My parents were odd people, they were hostile and neglectful of me. I am told they went through some sort of phase where they played around with crystals and my brother has mentioned twice (only twice over our entire lives) that they did an exorcism on me. Both times he brought it up I was curious but I did not pursue it futher. Our bond is a tenuous thing, I did not want to bring up stuff that might further strain it.
I guess what I am saying is that I have a mother, father and brother but we are related by blood, not by any sort of familial bond or love.
Anyway, my mother never slept either.
also, I don’t know if this matters but as I kid I don’t remember nightmares, just not needing sleep. As a late stage teen and up until my 40s was when the nightmares kept coming.
The dreams all revolved around a well dressed man who was terrifying and/or around falling. (so falling from a bridge or out of a skyscraper or anywhere high up) sometimes the “scary man” would chase me to where I would fall, sometimes the dreams did not have both falling and the man.

I don’t know anything about dreams or about my family. But if there is a fix, I would like to find it. My body is not young anymore, so lack of sleep is a real pain in the rear. I don’t have the same energy levels.

Anyway, thank you for responding and I hope I didn’t over-share and make this weird for anyone.
(also, i think the exorcism may have been a response to my nightmares and I also thought I saw ghosts, but that was in my youth, so it may have just been some kind of over active imagination)

i would try going to a psychiatrist. you seem to have experienced a troublesome childhood. Insomnia could also run in the genes and then your parents dealt with it wrong and made it worse for you. I’m sorry you have to go through that and no, a lot of ppl here have some circumstances they can only share here, some too weird to ever say out loud. We’re willing to listen and help.

i’m not a very active practitioner of magic myself but if having some charms, dream catcher or anything that makes you feel safer, it might help for the mental support alone. or something that smells pleasant?

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ai also slept very little as a kid and started encountering malicious stuff in my sleep at 14 or 15. so i kinda get parts of what you say. it’s just that it was definitely much milder for me, frequency-wise

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Belial is known to be very protective of those, he is in a close relationship with. And …yes…he kicks off parasites and other fowl entities…

Love your dp with Belial’s sigil :heart::metal:t2::blush:


Yes he seems overly cautious even :joy:

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The big bad but super cute guy…he is… Belial :heart::heart::smiling_imp:

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I have had psychiatrists and counselors around since I was about 22 years old or so. We have an off and on relationship because they don’t seem to help. Also, because I don’t always have insurance. (my experience with counselors at community centers is that they do nothing, but I did not put in much myself, so that may be why)

Maybe I should look for a Jungian therapist, magick does tell us to “know ourselves”. I have big gaps in my memory. So how can I know myself.

I will look into dream catchers and things of that nature until I get a better plan. My insurance at my new job kicks in soon but it is Kaiser, so who knows if they offer real psychiatrists or psychologist, maybe they just have the same thing as what I found at the community center. I guess I will have to look into to know.