Negative energy

What do people think in this forum about negative energy, negative energy chakras etc?

Nothing :sweat_smile: unbalanced chakras and the root keys can be easily healed and balanced. It’s a bit of work but is one of the first steps you learn in energy work. More than that negative energy is as awesome as the (+) energy are both to be used and transmuted to suit different workings


Negative energy is subjective to what a person’s energy system has a negative reaction to, however, I do not believe there’s a such thing as negative chakras as chakras are just energy pools that help circulate the energy throughout your body, taking in and giving out energy into your environment as well. What’s negative is the foreign energy that enters your energy system that your energy body reacts poorly too which for the most part is different for various individuals and groups.


The only thing I can see that’s " negative energy chakras " is if they are unbalanced but as Rav said, it can be fixed of course.

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When you’re not vibing with yourself, disconnect from whatever may be causing the “negative”, readjust, and go back to life.

Personally, negative energy can only effect you if you allow it to. It’s really all based on you.

Know toxic people, talk to them about what brothers you - in a loving way. If they aren’t willing to “see you” or see where you’re coming from, then distance yourself from them. Or ya know, take them out of your life.

If you’re in a public place, breathing exercises for a minute or two to balance yourself.

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Be careful with that.
You might end up identifying all people that don’t “vibe” with you, have a different approach to life, and different opinions as “toxic”, which they’re not.
And eventually you’ll end up in a bubble with your own vibes, alone.


Also don’t confuse negative behavior with literal negative energy, you can choose to let toxic behavior affect you but toxic energy is different it will affect you regardless of your choice as negative energy varies per person it can affect your energy body/chakras/what have you regardless of your outlook in which case that’s when actively grounding and cleaning your system is a thing.


Hmmm about toxic people… Hey the secret is this one: a good sign that someone is toxic is when through interactions you get the feeling you live in the past. If a person makes you constantly remember hurrible situations and feelings from the past.

It’s difficult and complex to explain it but it’s a negative mechanism and that is true negative energy. Those persons have to be immediatly blocked and/or ignored. It’s important to live in the present. :wink:

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I agree with this :100: percent.

When we are negative to ourselves and others, we set ourselves up for failure. It brings up the secondary emotions of anger, jealousy, etc.

I have learned from my own mistakes and past that it’s so much easier to focus on the positive. While there are times we need to acknowledge the negative feelings, we should be doing so in order to clear our mind.

Dancing, for me, clears a lot of my negative energy. It helps remind me of the blessings I do have - plus, it creates happy endorsements in the connections to the brain. :slight_smile:

And if one needs help, they should always seek help through some type of therapy that doesn’t involve self-medicating with drugs/alcohol to the point of passing out. This is just my opinion though.

Much love to you Rav, as that one statement has so much power!

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