Negative emotions manifesting

Recently, I’ve been wondering if our negative emotions can truly manifest into almost like a parasite form? Maybe so if only our negative emotions are deep enough?

Let me explain:

When I thought of that possibility, I started wondering maybe I can cope with that form. Maybe if it’s birthed from my strongly negative emotions, it might be just like a parasite. That’s probably why it’s difficult to let go of some negative things from the past?

Long story short, I reasoned with it and merged with it, but in a healthy manner. I gained strength and energy. Now I’m wondering if that actually could’ve happened or I’m crazy. ((Probably a bit of both?)) :woman_shrugging:


Yes, it is perfectly feasible. In some magical traditions, you are taught to externalize the negative aspects of yourself as demons and bind them, so I don’t see how what you did as any different, except in process.

In the kundalini process I am undertaking, I will be doing something similar, in merging my Ego and my Id.

Congratulations on your merger.


Alrighty, awesome. Thanks for your response.

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RE3 a beautiful transformation, we may all take note and work on this has well. I am going to book mark this for later.


Basically shadow work it needs to be done. When you let it build and build it becomes like parasite, depression, anxiety, fear & emotional breakdowns ect.


Thank you! :smile:

I know this is an old thread but it just popped up as a suggestion for me. Thought I’d add something :grin:

I have made little negative energy “soaks” for when I’m going through a rough streak. I don’t know about you folks but when I’m having a rough time, it seems to come at me from everywhere. People around me, bad luck situations, etc.

Small pile of sea salt, rosemary, and dill, all bound in a little cloth sack. Then I build up my internal energy with intent into my hands and push it into the sack. From start to finish, make this little friend with all the correct focused intent and need.

These little things have worked amazing results! They keep the edge off, make you feel like $million when you grip it tight if you’ve charged it (seriously, almost like drugs) and seem to make negative people around you either tone in down a notch or avoid you all together.


NEgative emotions ARE parasitic nasty entities. And they will start working against U.

Of many one theory of law of karma is that experiences (traumas) that U can’t digest, just like undigested food become problem causing negative chi/prana. ANd surely u know that spirits r made of energy.

Don’t forget the ironclad law in all spiritual traditions that what is inside U, ur inner state manifests into ur real world. Too much negativity inside will manifest in bad luck, bad stuff in ur life. As simple as that.

That’s why fixing/cleansing U first is so important.

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Can you elaborate on this idea of externalize and binding negativity as a demon? Any books on this ?

It’s included in multiple traditions, so you’d need to get a book on one of the traditions that includes it. I can’t think of one off the top of my head. I’ve done it in the past with depression as a shamanic practice.

The technique is very simple:

  • Sit in a chair and place and empty chair in front of you. (I preferred to face it to left or right, not facing me)
  • Get into a meditative state any way you like, and search for and bring to the front the negative emotion, but observe it as a thing you have, not a thing that you are. Think about it’s effects and aspects and noticing how it makes you feel
  • Visualise those feelings and thoughts moving outwards from you to take shape as an entity sitting in that chair across from you. Pour everything into it, and out of you
  • Observe the space it leaving you has made in you, and look at the entity you have formed from it. At this point, ask it questions if you want
  • Finally, don’t allow it to return. Visualise instead that it dissolves and sinks deep into the Earth below you, as deep as you like, decaying and being recycled by the Earth, as that is what Earth does to old energy, nothing is every wasted.
  • Come back to yourself, notice the change in you and smile to yourself for a job well done, and know that there is now a clear space inside for you to fill with wanted energy, or attract something you want into your life.
  • Ground and complete the meditation and way you like.