Negative effects of opening your third eye

Have you guys experienced twitching of any sorts while performing rituals or really just in daily life. Because one thing I’ve noticed is that when I started to open my third eye using the blue ray meditation I started to twitch a little every now and then. Is this normal. I notice that ea koetting also does this. In his live videos and also his soul travel course he does twitch a little bit. When someone from this forum recorded him to ask about his tattoos. In the beginning of the video he twitched as well. I honestly want it to stop but it doesn’t really bother me or is noticed by anyone. Anyway, does anyone have this as well. This started happening the first time I did the meditation. When I close my eyes I also feel the pressure of my third eye on my forehead. Every time I close my eyes that happens! Does that mean it’s open?

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The flow of energy is known to cause muscle twitches, It is described in most energy work literature I’ve read, It usually evens out the more you practice,


Reading this my thumb just started to move by itself.

You begin to see how negative people and society are. Hard not to become jaded or nihilistic when you see the truth but it’s actually completely beneficial.


Yes my body is twitching all the time.
I think it all started when I tried to create a sexual spirit. My body started twitching and to this day it doesn’t stop… Not sure what’s the meaning of it.

its the way the spirit is trying to communicate with you ,or a lot of psychics will yawn ,when doing healing because there using there energy or it energy related ,jolting twitching yawning all very common thing that occur

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john Ramirez explains it in a you tube video when Koetting is doing a seance

I have full blown Tourette’s syndrome and my subtype of OCD is often referred to as the “magical thinking” kind.

This is the world I’ve lived in for most of my life


When starting taijiquan (tai chi) we were doing two hours of standing maeditation. It’s called three circle posture or standing like a tree.

When it starts working you shake slightly then eventually very violently to remove the blockages in your energy maridians.

The “shakes” become internal after a while and not noticeable to the eye but felt as the chi flow through the body.

This is an old thread I do t know it the members active still but look into that.


I twitch like crazy too and my girl does as well, I love the blue ray 3rd eye meditation as well. If you can, have a fellow healer use some selenite sticks on your entire body like a wand after you charge them in the sun or moon. Its helped me and I’ve been able to heal others from pretty serious injury while waiting for them to be seen by formal medical professionals.

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