Negative attachments

Hi everyone, I’m really sorry in advance if it’s been asked / answered already, but I couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for in the forum.
Is King Paimon the most suitable for removing negative attachments, or is there another that would be more suitable for this situation?
I’ve been dealing with this for about ten years, but no matter what I seem to do it doesn’t ever go away.

I could see it, although abbadon (damn auto correct) comes more to mind with removing attachments. Sorath as well


Thanks for the response :blush: are they beginner friendly?

Abbadon and Sorath…I wouldn’t say so. However, they are the best at what they do. Out of the two, I would say Sorath would be easier for a beginner if you click with him. Abbadon, while he appears cold and watchful, also seems to have more of an interest with humanity in general as opposed to Sorath, who normally does his own thing unless you catch his eye. Both are invaluable as teachers, as difficult as they may be. I would recommend research both before working with either. They are intense but very good at helping one break from attachments

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I might try and hone on my skills before attempting that, I sort of need someone quite friendly and patient as I’m very mentally unwell / socially inappropriate so I’d probably annoy them :joy:

Lol well, paimon would certainly be helpful then.

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I’ve been leaving King Paimon offerings of chocolate, but at the same time I don’t want to ask anything of him as I’m really awkward and was afraid I’d say the wrong thing. But I’ve been trying to open communication with him just to talk :slight_smile: I’ll give it a go when I feel like I’m not being a pain in the ass :joy:

Lol just ask what you want to ask, say whatever you feel like you need to. Chances are that he already knows what you are like and is waiting for you to start the communication.

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By negative attachments what do you mean? If you are talking spirits you could just do a banishing.

King Paymon can help with burning negative attachments down right to ashes. For these kinds of works is nice when the Altar is in direction West and aligning his magic.

Abbadon helps also in throwing negative attachments right away in some other Dimension. It’s nice when his Altar for this kind of workings is in direction West too.

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I’m not quite sure what they are to be honest, I only have very strong clairsentience but everything else is closed off. It feels intelligent that it might be two spirits, but I’m also not entirely convinced on that.

Did you try to do a banishing or aura cleansing?

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I’m very new with a lot of things, at the current time I’m trying to expand my skills but I am hoping to get to that stage! I’ve tried with a shaman and others before, didn’t help with that aspect but more my energy levels etc.

Also one of my friends is sending me some Bach flower remedies to try to assist :slight_smile:

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Well in my journal you have a lot about banishing and protection. Feel free to look.

You can try this:

  1. Imagine a filter on your chakra’s


  1. Imagine negativity goes out and white light goes in.
  2. Imagine your aura around your whole body. The white light heals your aura and that leaks or cracks get fixed.

Thank-you I’ll give that a try when I meditate tonight :two_hearts:

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I’d like to add onto your great guide here, Borgy.

I don’t know about you guys,
but usually,
when something is really deep wired,
or heavily connected,
inside my emotional body,
it’ll resist being pulled out.

And while doing that standard technique,
described up there,
it usually shows up the clearest.
Because once the contrast with the light is there,
you can feel exactly,
where it hurts.
Where the dark stuff lingers,
and keeps fucking around with you.

At this stage,
i like to do circular motions,
when treating a patient,
and opening the body up,
like you’d open chakras normally.

Creating a thunnel,
for it to be pulled out.

Quick Reference:
“E.A. Stated in one of his video’s:
I was getting treated by a spiritual healer,
and that guy reached into my chakras,
and pulled heavy,
physical objects out of there.”

That’s very well described.
Because indeed,
sometimes you find complete attachment links,
of why,
and how you’re holding onto,
that limitation,
that pain,
that hurt.

And why your body imidiently takes it as a thread,
for that to be removed.

now here comes the yin-yang dynamic in play.

With cold energy,
numb the body around the wound.

Calming the nerves,
and stopping the “war-mode” response.

With warm Energy,
loosen the stiffness,
and hardening of the shit that has nested inside of there.

i usually do those steps mainly subconciously,
and rarely ever think about those.

But that’s exactly,
how you can amp up,
from beginner,
to expert,
in Energy healing.

And the deeper something is rooted,
the more patience you take on the “surgery”.

you hit a personal barrier there.

Where your own body,
as the healer,
becomes so agetated,
that you simply can’t go on,
and finish the procedure.

When that happens,
take it as a huge gift and sign.

Take out,
as much as you can,
without hurting the patient to much.

(some pain should be okay,
getting teeth ripped out,
or bones healed,
hurts aswell,
and you always have to counter in,
how much damage you’d aflict,
but simply leaving the shit as it is.)

Now at that point,
you should normally natrually gain some understanding,
of the situation,
since you’ve connected to the energies,
when doing the healing.

NEVER store the negativity of your patients inside of yourself.

That’s the number one cause of healers dying.

utilize the insight you just gained,
to tell your patient:

You’re currently extremely stuck towards this one thing:
-the problem you’ve just identified.

Explain your viewpoints towards it,
and give the Patient time,
to work on it,
in their own life.

Because such deep rooted issues,
usually require some co-operation,
of the pacient to be covered completely,
they simply just fall back,
into the same old shit,
a couple of month or years later.

with that being said,
set up a new appointment,
to tackle the rest of the problem,
within the next 3 weeks.

Why 3 weeks?
because you need some time for the patient to expierience the “bounce”,
of the healing actually showing effect,
and thereby spiking the patients interest,
in getting it done completely.

Why is a secound appointment needed?

Without it,
the person might just talk himself out of it,
and consider it to be just bullshit,
or placebo,
or find some other excuses,
to keep hanging and latching,
to that attachment.

those deep healings,
reflect on several levels,
when done completely.

So give your patient,
the opportunity,
to contact you a third time,
when it seems like shit is going downhill again.

because that gives a concious reminder,
and a feeling of safety.

That the patient doesn’t have to care for all the shit himself,
left alone again,
once you considered the job done.

funnily enough,
that in most cases,
actually helps preventing a third treatment to be necessary,
and most often,
a simple course correction,
can be done,
in case a third appointment is needed,
by the client,
to simply firm him back into the right tracks.

In those third treatments,
in case the person expresses new pain,
do the removal part as usually,
but this time,
focus on overfilling the empty spot,
with new positive energy. (yin release. + pole, white energy).

So once the empty lacking hole isn’t gasping anymore,
you close it,
seal it like if you wanted to block a chakra.

It should look,
and especially feel,
a little bit,
like drawing physical matter,
of the Skin / or organs,
around the wound,
and lapping it together over the hole,
closing it off completely.

After that,
the patient usually doesn’t return for a 4th treatment.

In case,
it really does go to a 4th request,
it’s not simply a case of dealing with healing anymore.

Because by then,
it becomes blatently obvious,
that someone else is leeching there,
attacking that spot,
and needs to be removed completely,
out of that persons life.

Baneful work comes after that,
if needed,
simply changing the attackers perception,
so it chooses a new food-source,
and doesn’t target your patient anymore.


Dai Komio.

May the Light,
of Reiki,
guide all your healing efforts.

Why did i write this in a Doctor / Teacher perspective?

Because it’s knowledge of that degree.

Can you use it,
simply on yourself,
without having a patient,
but simply in meditation,
to heal yourself,
by your own work?

that’s what i wrote it for.

But please,
when it comes to the later stages,
3 and 4, at least have conversations about what’s going on,
either with your beloved ones,
or with our community,
to help guide you,
into the right direction.




Thank you @Yberion.

Looks a lot like cutting strings from past lives.


I had someone send me an entity to kill me and for no reason. I never did anything to him but try to love him and he attacked me. He just like to kill people for fun or his entities he works with do. So now I have this entity and a mark or hex can u help? I been going thru ten mo this of this non stop toture and feeding off me and hallucinations and insessant talking to me as a form of toture. I even almost died I been hospitalized three times. Once on a respiratory machine. They seem very alien like. Like they are living entities.