Negaphor Nix

Colors: Green, Gold(Yellow), Yellow-Green, Red
Metals: Gold, Copper, Brass
Herbs: Clover, Dandelion, Yellow Rose
Month: March
Day: March 12
Planet: Earth!
Elements: Earth aend Fyre

Offerings of beer, a 4 leaf clover, bouquets of flowers, glamorous items of the Fae-erie, and hue(woah)man interactions with shock value.

Enn - Kigam Soak Negaphor Nix Vechqi Omnaklavas

Pronunciation is in the video.

The Nix part of the name holds thee energy of a nuclear blast concentrated on the getting of victory. Picture picking a flower, aend at the moment of plucking, a nuclear fusion bomb blast imploding with exactity and precision at the breaking point of the stem beaming forth to shine through the glamourous glory of the flower, showering orchestrations of synchroharmonious luck in accord with the relationship you have with the Fae-erie.

To create a dwelling place for Negaphor Nix, you should consecrate a well, turning it into a wishing well where he can be more formally addressed toward the granting of wishes. Wishes should be seeded on a new moon at the well by consecrating the sigil of Negaphor Nix with cum imbued with thee intent, and dropped in the well. On the night of the fool moon the well should be visited to receive your luck in the presencing of the glamour of this leprechaun. You can charge water in the light of the moon on or next to the well to drink. Most of all, be creative with the way you decorate and design your rituals for the well.

Negaphor Nix resonates with the giddies, joy, euphoria, ecstacy, bliss, and is a master of revelry aend celebration.

Negaphor Nix is a Leprechaun of the Fae-erie, whose queen is Oona and King is Finvarra.

May Irish blessings bee buzzing amongst ye who choose to synch with Negaphor Nix.


The number phor Negaphor Nix is 13.
Gems: Green flourite, citrine, moss agate.

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Happy Birthday @Atinama and Negaphor Nix! :smiley:

I’m a fan of the Fae generally and feel drawn to dedicate to him a little something-something just because happy birthday :smile: It’ll be a bit late but it’s on it’s way.

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