Needing Money

So money isn’t too important to me. While I like it because it helps me get through and Tattoos are expensive as fuck but I love them I would like some more. Atm, I’m not looking for a stable income just a pretty big amount of money to get me some things.
Later in my life, I want to make a decent living writing but I want to get better at that beforehand. Though I will use magick to help with that I also want my writing loved for its greatness.
But back on to the needing money soon thing. Do you know any way I can get a pretty good amount of money fast? Like a spirit evocation or spell? Note i live in a dorm atm so its hard for me to do big rituals of magick so something resonble I can do.
Thanks for the help!

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Depends on what you mean by “big?” If you live a typical Western lifestyle, you are already wealthier than most of the human population.

So you are going to have to be more specific.

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Yeah you bring up a good point. maybe a few thousand? College is tough atm.
I’ve heard of stories of many magicians on here getting money but I’m not sure how exactly

You could try the Abremelin Square for money. Most people have success with it, within limits.

You would just need a few minutes of alone time to open it and project your intention into it. No rituals or anything required. Then you just carry it with you.

A simple search of the forum will bring up numerous threads about the square and it’s capabilities.

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Thank you! Honestly I feel odd talking about money just because I don’t want to seem greedy

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Do you know how to open sigils?

If not, here is the method: it works the same for squares.

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With his evocation course from what i remember you stare at their sigil and get in the TGS

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Don’t stare. Gaze.

Staring is a fixed focus. Gazing is a light focus. As the newsletter I linked says, look at the square as you would gaze at your lover in bed. Softly.

Okay Thank you!
Also do you think its better to do that than a spirit evocation? I hear it takes time to get to the point where you can just manifest objects out of ideas. Of course I want to get there one day but is it the best thing to do first with getting money?

A full evocation is completely different, but it still requires the opening of a sigil.

The Abremelin square sends multiple spirits out to bring you money, and is perfect to start with. You don’t have to open your senses to see and hear the spirits at all. And there is no possible drawback as the spirits are all benevolent so, unlike asking a demon to bring you money, there is no chance of getting your money by losing a limb in an accident.

Everything takes time. Nothing is instantaneous. So don’t expect the money to come to you tomorrow, unless you have a pathway where that is possible.