Needing latin pointers for curse and invocation making

well, one of the things I like doing when making a curse or invocation is to use Latin. to me, the words feel like they have so much more power behind them than English. slight problem though

while various translation engines can give word per word transmutations, grammar and syntax, what-have-you is the main missing thing here. fine for me at the time? somewhat. but someday I intend to spread knowledge of my invocations and curses and the like, perhaps in a book? who knows.

never-the-less, given that is the intent I cant venture to be spewing out mindless Latin gibberish. so I’d figure some pointers are in order if anyone would be so kind. of course, the real golden goose would be someone willing to educate on a back and forth basis, but that’s the rarity here


There is a community of people who speak Latin as their primary language of study.

You may want to approach them. You can find them on Google I’m sure.

But you may also want to look up the Catholic University of America the Dominican house of studies.

They can refer you to those individuals because I believe they have a group of them there.

I also was going to do something similar to what you are doing. I was writing letters to the God’s.

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I like to do this but n Anglo Saxon for some things…hate to say it but youtube has so many language teachers you will likely find someone there to get started and supplement professional training.

Audio language training is helpful, and the free language learning phone app Duolingo is very good and has Latin as an option. (Also Klingon and High Valerian… but not Old English :frowning: :joy: )

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I would be quite interested in seeing what you write to the gods.

well sometime soon you might be able to hear what i write,im quite busy working on an audio incantation

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It’s fairly basic, I adapated poems from the youtuber Leornende Eald Englisc :slight_smile:

I’m not finding the exact video right now but I have this next to my kettle, and kind of use it like an affirmation to my spirit.

Here’s one to Wodne (Wotan/Odin), pronunciation in the video and English translation below. He writes his own devotional songs that I adapt as poems.

There’s a few variations on the languages with dialect and Old English, Anglo Saxon vs Old Norse, Icelandic, Gothic and more, and he talks about a lot of these on his other channels too.

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Thank you. That was very interesting. It reminds me of a surah from the Koran… Parts of this particular prayer that you showed me resembled resembled the rhythmic patterns in the surah.

I cannot find the Sarah right now, I am not a practicing Muslim. But, the pattern is quite beautiful. Thank you for showing this to me.

I believe the soda is called Al bakara Or the cow.

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